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Een Q&A met onze interieuradviseur Aimée

Vorige week beantwoordde onze interieuradviseur Aimée al jullie interieurgerelateerde vragen op Instagram. Heb je de Q&A gemist? Je kunt nu alle vragen en antwoorden hier teruglezen. De Q&A is in het Engels.

What does a round dining table do for your living space?
A round dining table often feels slightly more cosy, as you are more connected to all the guests at the dining table and you can all join in the conversation. When it comes to size, a round dining table is a great option when you have a rather square living space. It’s often a great option for smaller spaces too.

Why would you go for an oval or flat oval table?
Both tabletop shapes can add a playful touch to your living space, because they break with all the straight lines. It gives your space a softer feel too, which is especially nice in modern buildings. For the oval tabletop you need more space though. Where the oval tabletop has a standard width of 120 cm, the flat oval is available with a 90 or 100 cm width.

How do I decide on the size of my dining table?
There’s a rather easy way to decide on the size of your dining table. You need about 70 to 80 cm between the dining table and the wall, to ensure people have enough room to sit comfortably. If you want people to be able to walk around the dining table while people are seated, you need about 90 cm on each side. Tomorrow, we’re publishing an online guide to dining tables with more tips and tricks.

How durable are your oak dining tables?
We are committed to making furniture that lasts. That’s why all our oak dining tables are made from European oak. If you choose an oak dining table with a natural or natural light finish, they are well-protected with hardwax oil too. If there are any signs of wear, you can easily treat them so they can last for many more years. Discover all our care tips here.

Oak or black dining table?
This is a question we get asked very often, and I think the choice depends on a few existing factors: the colour of your walls and floor, the kitchen and the rest of the furniture in your home. A black dining table feels more contemporary and forms a beautiful contrast with a wooden floor. An oak dining table gives your space a brighter and more natural feel and can add warmth to more modern homes – especially homes with an epoxy floor. What would you choose?

Can I place a wooden dining table on a wooden floor?
I think this is mostly a matter of taste, but here’s what we know. The easiest way to combine wood on wood is by making sure that the wood is either similar or completely different. When it’s ‘a little off’, you will really notice the difference. A steel frame can also make a difference, as it breaks the connection between the tabletop and the floor.

Dining chairs with or without armrests?
This is a tricky one, as men and women often have a different take on this. Although armrests can add a sense of comfort, they are not always deemed ‘necessary’ at the dining table. They also take up more space, so they’re not always an option. If you do have enough space, why not combine chairs with and without armrests? This way, there’s something for everyone!

How many chairs can I fit at my dining table?
The number of chairs you can fit at your dining table depends on the shape, size and frame. As you might know, we offer a selection of different frames. Each frame influences the seating space at the table. If you head over to the FAQ, you will find a beautiful overview with the number of chairs you can fit at each table.

You have many fabrics in your collection! Where do I start?
First, let’s take a look at your living situation. Do you live alone, with your partner or perhaps with children or do you have pets? Although plain fabrics are no more sensitive to stains than textured fabrics, stains do become more visible. If this bothers you, opt for a fabric with a slight texture.

Then, it’s (almost) all a matter of taste. Start by looking at the different textures and decide which ones you like. If you have a wool allergy, opt for a fabric with synthetic fibres instead. Once you know which textures you like, you can dive into the world of colour.

Do you need help selecting the right colours for your interior? We’d love to help you out. Make an appointment for free (online) interior advice.

How do I combine different fabrics?
There are many ways you can combine fabrics. By playing with textures and combining different fabrics in the same colour, you can create a more lively effect. You can also combine different shades of the same colour to create more depth, while still creating a serene atmosphere.

We hope you've enjoyed this Q&A! If you have more questions, feel free to email us. You can also make an appointment for free (online) interior advice.