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The Creative & The Chair: Christian Luiten

In our series 'The Creative & The Chair' our beloved Luna Lounge is in the spotlight. This unique lounge chair boasts a timeless and elegant design that is characterised by round and organic shapes. We invited several creatives to customise the Luna Lounge according to their individual style and taste. The result is three personalised designs that reflect the unique personalities of each creative.


The second in this series is Christian Luiten, co-founder of art platform Avant Arte. Together with his business partner Curtis Penning, Christian founded the website and Instagram account Avant Arte in 2015. The platform collaborates with top artists such as Jenny Holzer, Elmgreen & Dragset and Daniel Arsham, and has accumulated over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. We stepped inside Christian’s studio in Amsterdam to chat about his business in the art industry, his customisation of the Luna Lounge and more.


What is it like to be active among the top of the art industry as a young entrepreneur?

"I like it a lot because I feel at home in this world. I think that at Avant Arte we really add something to the art industry by reaching the younger generation. This is something that traditional art dealers and galleries don't always succeed in doing, so doors often open for us where they might remain closed for others. When you're young, passionate and willing to go for it; most people like this attitude and want to work with you.”


You are trying to lower the threshold for young art collectors who are just starting off. Why do you believe people should start collecting art?

“We indeed want to lower the threshold for collectors who want to visit us. One of the reasons to start collecting art from a young age is that you can also start collecting stories that way. Works of art such as a painting or an object can tell you about a certain period in your life.”


What is your golden tip for people who are just starting to collect art?

“Go to artists and galleries and be open to learn from them. Seeing and buying a work of art online is very different to buying it in real life; I always advise that you see it first if you can. In short: spend a lot of time and attention choosing your art and really do your research before you buy.”


Your house is probably full of art, but what else do you like when it comes to your interior?

“I am a fan of Pierre Paulin's designs and coincidentally his son, Benjamin, is a friend of mine. I also like Mario Bellini's designs. I think it's important to mix items from these kinds of designers with younger, surprising designers. I don't want the cliché interior that many art collectors have, with a lot of French and Italian designs. I see an interior as an art collection: it takes a while before you build something up and it also takes time to discover your own taste and find out what you like.”


You chose a Luna Lounge in Calvados Multibeige fabric. Why did you choose this material and colour?

“I chose a neutral colour to match the bold artworks displayed here in my studio; such as the almost childlike paintings of Robert Nava – an artist we discovered when he was a truck driver. It often happens that I see certain furniture designs that I like, but their pieces don't always fit my interior. That is why the option you have at Studio HENK to choose your own fabric and colour is really ideal for me.”


Are you inspired by Christian's story and his design choice for the Luna Lounge? You can personalise your own Luna Lounge here and create a chair that perfectly matches your own taste and interior. The possibilities are endless.