Free coffee table with purchases of €1000 or more

In need of a repair?


All our furniture is made to order and handled with care. When it sporadically happens that an item is damaged in transit, or during use, we always strive to repair the item on location. 

Only on some occasions do we decide to replace the item. These replaced items are carefully repaired and stored at our warehouse until they find their new home during our RE-Store event. 

Are you in need of a repair? Please contact our service team who will provide you with more information.

Offering sustainable solutions


Studio HENK furniture is fully customisable. Our interior advisors offer support in configuring an item that represents your style and fits your needs, making your piece of furniture last a lifetime. 

Since our furniture is made-to-order, we generally do not accept returns or offer refunds. This way we avoid unnecessary stock which has a negative impact on the environment.  

However, we believe it is important that all our customers are satisfied with their furniture. Therefore, in rare cases we may consider exceptions.

At Studio HENK we realise that resources and materials are valuable and should be treated as such. By offering a full service program we can maximise the lifetime of our furniture. Because we believe that furniture should never end up as waste.



A second home


Studio HENK organises an annual ReStore event where repaired and returned items find new homes.

Typically, the majority of products are sold during this event. Any remaining items are returned to the original manufacturer where materials, predominantly wood, are efficiently recovered for reuse. As a last resort, the waste materials are processed into energy. 

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A new look for your furniture


We want to create furniture that lasts a lifetime, but recognise that tastes and preferences can change over time. That's why we offer a reupholstery service for selected Studio HENK items, allowing you to give your furniture a fresh look when you're ready for something new. This way, we minimise the environmental impact of producing new furniture, and your cherished piece remains a beloved part of your home.

Have you already chosen a new fabric? Contact our service team to discuss the options. If you're still unsure, our experienced team in store is ready to explore the different possibilities together with you.

Furniture that evolves


Whether it's a move to a smaller home, expanding your family, or a fresh interior design, your current furniture may no longer suit your needs.

Our initial recommendation is to sell your furniture directly through Whoppah, the second-hand platform for designer furniture, or Marktplaats. This yields the highest return, and with only one transport, the CO2 emissions are minimized.

Additionally, we offer a unique "trade-in service." If your furniture is still in good condition, you can exchange it for a Studio HENK credit worth 25% of the original purchase value. This applies to entire pieces or individual components like tabletops or frames.

To take advantage of the trade-in service, exclusively available through Studio HENK for all original Studio HENK furniture purchased in-store, online, or through a retailer, please contact us for specific terms and conditions.

A waste-free future


We also aim to prevent furniture with defects from ending up in the landfill. By returning your furniture to Studio HENK, we ensure that, if possible, the furniture gets a second lease on life or is properly recycled. If you're unable to deliver the furniture yourself, we can, for a fee of €99, come to disassemble and collect your product.

Together, we work towards a waste-free future. Please contact our service team for more information.