How to find the right dining table for your interior

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How to find the right dining table for your interior

While a rectangular table is perfect for larger gatherings, a round table is a cosy alternative for evenings with the family or small dinners with friends. Of course, the shape of your tabletop is also dependent on your home. Some buildings are made for round tables, while in others it just won’t fit. But how do you know which table is right for you?

It might help to know that you need approximately seventy centimeters between the table and the wall, so you can easily join the table. This means that with a rectangular table - with an average width of 90 cm -, you will need at least 230 cm. The length of the table will, of course, depend on the measurements of the rest of your home. For a round table of 140 cm, you will need 280 cm. In other words: quite contrary to what most of us think, you’ll need more space for a round table.

The shape of your living room can help you decide on your dining table too. A square room, for example, is often perfect for round tabletops. Slightly smaller round tables work perfectly in smaller kitchens too. At the same time, a rectangular table - as the shape suggests - is ideal in a rectangular room. If you have a slightly smaller home, an option might be to place a dining bench against the wall. This way, you’ll safe some space. And it’s quite cosy too!

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