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A durable design table

Made for daily life, our dining tables are the perfect blend of aesthetics, function and durability. We understand that the search for the right table isn’t just about finding a table you love. It’s about finding a table that you can use every day; a table that you can have dinner at without having to worry about spilling.

To ensure the durability of our designs, we use high quality materials like oak wood. As wood is a natural material, it needs a little bit of love and attention from you too, though. So how you do treat your dining table to ensure its durability?

For daily use, you can simply use the spray cleaner. Spray it on your table, for example after Friday night dinner, and wipe the table clean. When it comes to maintenance, there’s a difference between maintenance wax and hardwax oil. When you notice that you’re table is getting less resistant to stains, we recommend using the maintenance wax. Maintenance wax is a wax that you can easily apply with a cloth. You don’t have to use it weekly or even monthly. Just use it when you notice the table feels slightly more rough. (Tip: the bottom of the tabletop is untreated. When the surface of your tabletop feel like this, it’s time for maintenance. We recommend using the maintenance wax once a year, once every two years, depending on the daily use). Read our extensive maintenance instructions here.

Hardwax oil is an oil that you only apply when your table needs refurbishing. You can use a microfibre roller to apply a thin, even layer of Osmo hardwax oil unto the tabletop. Don’t forget to sand it with a fine grain (e.g. 400) first! After refurbishing, your table will look like new.

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