We are Studio HENK, a Dutch furniture design studio.

Welcome to Studio HENK, a Dutch furniture design studio based in Amsterdam. Inspired by daily moments, we create accessible design furniture for everyday life.

About Studio HENK

Studio HENK was founded in 2013 by two brothers from the Netherlands - architect Xander and business strategist Okke. From a need for design furniture that is beautiful, but also practical, they decided to design a collection of timeless furniture that can be customised to perfectly fit your home. Since 2013 Studio HENK has grown from a small start-up to a successful design furniture brand.

Furniture design isn’t just about creating a beautiful object; it’s about designing furniture for everyday life. It’s about that small round table in your living room that becomes the place where you slowly start your day with a cup of coffee and the newspaper - the place where memories are made. Inspired by these moments, we create timeless furniture for everyday use.

As we believe in clever, functional designs, all furniture pieces can be customised. We offer a wide range of sizes, finishes, fabrics and colours, enabling you to create a piece of furniture you love for a place you love. Our collection consists of all the types of furniture you need for your living and dining space.

Our mission is to create timeless, well-made furniture that will last a lifetime. To ensure the durability of our furniture, we only work with high-quality materials. The subtle details reflect the craftsmanship and the attention to details with which the pieces are made. All furniture is made in Europe.

The Studio HENK team


[Founder] ‘Chief Operator’ who decides which course to take and which decisions to make with his strategic and entrepreneurial skills.


[Founder] Architect and man behind all our HENK furniture designs. In his spare time he uses his creative talent to design homes.


Strategist and Marketing- & Communications Manger. Mater Familias, oversees the creative team, makes sure that everything is in line with our strategy and works out all marketing- and communications plans.


Office Manager and sales tiger who runs a tight ship both at HENK and at home. ‘Manusje van alles’ - as we say in Dutch - she makes sure that everything at the Studio runs smoothly - from processing orders to overseeing logistics, ensuring that all furniture will get to you on time.


Always comes in with an enthusiastic ‘Good morning!’ and cheerfully makes her way through e-mails, phone calls and administration. Selling is her second nature, and she’s the sportiest of the bunch.


Brings good vibes to the office, with a great sense of humor and a laugh that makes everyone around her laugh even harder. With that same enthusiasm she answers the phone, responds to e-mails and processes online orders.


Interior Advisor who loves to share her insights on interior design, furniture and the right pieces for your home with everyone who comes to our showroom in Amsterdam.


Planner, Coördinator & Photographer, but mostly bad-ass who gets everything done. She oversees the planning and coördination of the (inter)national fairs we go to and travels from New York to Paris to ensure that everything looks great. Behind the scenes she works as a photographer, creating beautiful images.


Copywriter with a fresh perspective on written words, spends most of her days typing away behind her laptop.


 Media Designer & Social Media Manager with an eye for graphic design, who makes sure all our print work is on point. Social media savvy as she is, she takes care of our social media channels too.


Sales Director who has the easiest job of all of us. A man with years of retail experience, he travels across the country and beyond on behalf of Studio HENK, meanwhile ensuring a smoothly operating showroom.


Interior Advisor & Showroom Manager, always with a smile on her face, who makes everyone feel at home the moment they walk in. With her energy, knowledge and creativity she gives everyone the finest interior advice - whether it’s for a home or an office project.