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Studio Henk

We are a conscious Dutch design brand that makes beautiful and functional furniture to last a lifetime.


By taking circular design to heart, our customisable and made-to-order pieces are designed in-house and produced in Europe. We have ambitious plans to revolutionise the furniture industry from within to become fully zero waste.

How it all started

We started our journey ten years ago: Two brothers Okke and Xander Albers who had a love for furniture and an eye for sustainable design. What started with a dining table made of reclaimed wood, in the workshop of father in law Henk, became a furniture business that boomed during the coronavirus pandemic. Design after design, we crafted our signature style, counting bestsellers like the Butterfly Dining Table, Ode Dining Chairs, and Cosy Sofa.

As the company grew, so did the realisation that the furniture industry has an uglier side, one of immense waste production and record CO2 emissions. We weren’t proud to be contributing to this, thereby negatively impacting the planet and our children’s future. Inspired by companies around the world using business as a force for good to benefit people, communities, and the planet, Corine de Bruijne (Executive Advisor) set out to make a change in our company, hoping to inspire the entire furniture industry to do the same. We have made it our mission to disrupt industry standards by creating beautiful furniture that is circular by design and made to last, thereby positively impacting people and the planet.

Since then, we’ve taken steps – big and small – towards our vision of a zero-waste furniture industry. We hope to inspire the furniture industry to do the same.


Our vision for the future

“We borrow the planet from future generations, so it is our responsibility to maintain it and heal where necessary.”

Our Journey

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What’s next

We will continue to use our business as a force for good. We’re working hard to measure, reduce and compensate for the CO2 emissions of our products, and rolling out our endless life service package further to extend the lifetime of our products by the end of this year.

Download our latest impact report to find out more about our progress.

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B Corp

2023 is an exciting year for Studio HENK - we celebrate our 10th anniversary and B Corp Certification. As a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. We are proud to be part of a movement that uses business as a force for good.

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Our design philosophy

We believe that furniture can be beautiful, functional, and made sustainably.

Design principles

We are passionate about what we design, how we make it, and what happens to the things we put into the world.

Because we are aware of the impact our furniture has on the planet, we make conscious decisions in every aspect of our design process about how to minimise the environmental impact of our furniture and extend its lifetime.

We craft each piece with care and use responsibly sourced materials such as sustainably certified wood and recycled fabrics. Our furniture is customisable to suit the customers’ needs, and made-to-order to avoid excess stock. Our entire collection is produced in Europe, a great deal of it even in the Netherlands. To ensure our products never end up as waste, we offer various services including repairs, refurbishment, upgrades and returns.

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Discover the story behind our furniture

Our stores are the heart of our brand that represent who we are and where we’re going.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With an office, multiple stores, and a growing number of employees, we believe it is important to keep track of the environmental and social impact that our organisation has.

Our office and stores are climate neutral, which means that we measure our CO2 emissions, compensate for them by investing in CO2 reduction projects, and actively work to reduce our emissions. When opening new stores we aim to reuse as much of the existing building, and work with building materials that are non-toxic, recycled, renewable or removable as much as possible.

We support the personal development of our employees through an annual training budget, and stimulate a balanced lifestyle by offering a bike plan, healthy vegetarian lunch and wellness budget. To ensure good working conditions throughout the supply chain we have a Code of Conduct that all our suppliers sign.

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Xander Albers

Xander (1987), Creative director and architect, has a passion for architecture. This is reflected in the stylish and functional designs of Studio HENK.

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Okke Albers

Okke (1985), Commercial Director and entrepreneur, knows like no other how to empower and connect people. Step by step he brings Studio HENK closer to meeting its goal.

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Corine de Bruijne

Corine (1985), Executive Advisor, has a great sense of justice and knowledge of sustainability. She is a driving force behind Studio HENK’s sustainable mission.

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