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HENK at Home with Abderrahmane Trabsini

In the series 'HENK at home' we visit people who inspire us to get a glimpse into their daily lives. This time we visited Abderrahmane Trabsini, co-founder of fashion label Daily Paper.

Abderrahmane lives in a colourful apartment in Amsterdam-West. His house is a perfect reflection of his personality: an eclectic mix of sleek design, anime and art by artists such as Satoru Koizumi and Murakami. We spoke to him about his love for Japan, art and his favourite places in his interior.


How would you describe your interior style?

“I always call it an organised chaos - or an organised play store. However, I like to keep the base neutral and minimalistic. I've lived a little too much in hotels, so I value it when everything is neatly concealed and packed. Having that good foundation serves as a background for my various collections. In the cupboard in my living room, for example, are all my special records, magazines and works of art. I collect art from artists and collectables, a lot I bought through my friends from Avant Arte. My house is a reflection of who I am: quiet but an avid collector.”


How important is your home to you?

"Very important. It's all about a zen vibe. I think the balance between home and work should be healthy. My job as co-founder and design director of Daily Paper (a popular Dutch fashion brand) is fun but very busy. After a long day of work, I really feel like going home and relaxing. At home I can be myself and recharge.”


Where do you get inspiration for your interior?

“Predominantly from Japan. I find everything in cities like Tokyo inspiring, from the packaging to the quality of the products there. Everything is so carefully designed. I also really like American branding. I'm a big fan of Disney and Looney Tunes. That playfulness is reflected, among other things, in the Astroboy artworks from KAWS and the vintage Disney characters that I recently managed to get a hold of.”


What are your favourite parts of your interior?

“The original Godfather posters that I have hung in my hallway are something that I will never get rid of. I also love my rug from Soufiane Zarib, a Moroccan carpet dealer who I’m close with. I really like the rugs he makes. They really add something unique to your interior and at the same time it is a nice nod to my own Moroccan roots. I am a proud Amsterdammer, but I am also very happy with my bicultural background, which is a real blessing for me.”


You also have the Slot Coffee Table and the New Classic Bench from Studio HENK - how do you like them?

“Yes, I've been looking for a black coffee table for a while and I especially like the shape of the Slot Coffee Table. It really acts as more of a sculptural object in the living room. I also chose the New Classic Bench because I was looking for something like a Tokyo Bench, which I really like. I like having a second seat in my living room. I often sit there when I'm on a phone call or looking for inspiration: one of my favourite places in the house.”


Inspired by Abderrahmane Trabsini's interior and his favourite places in the house? Create a stylish seating area with the Slot Coffee Table and the New Classic Bench, which are available in different colours. This HENK at Home shows the Slot Coffee Table in oak black stain and the New Classic Bench in natural oak hardwax oil.