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HENK at home with Stephanie Broek

In our series ‘HENK at home' we visit people who inspire us to get a glimpse into their daily lives. This time we visited Stephanie Broek and her boyfriend Younes Ouazzani who recently moved to an nineteenth-century apartment in De Pijp, Amsterdam.

Stephanie and Younes’ new apartment has a unique character thanks to its authentic elements like the high ceiling with ornaments and black marble fireplace. An eye-catcher in their classic and minimalist interior is the Layer Sofa in a stylish chocolate brown shade. We sat down with the couple to hear all about what motivates and inspires them in their interior choices.

How are you finding your Layer Sofa in the brown Facet 18 upholstery?

Stephanie: “We are very happy with it. The best thing is that this sofa can be arranged in a number of different layouts. When we first got it we played around a lot to find our favourite setup. It’s really great that you can change it around at any time. We’re also very satisfied with the chocolate brown colour. For us, it was very important to find a colour that wasn’t too light as we get a bit paranoid about spilling red wine or fruit juice on the sofa.”

Younes: “I’m also finding the sofa very comfortable. I like a robust, sturdy sofa where you don't sink into it too much. The Layer Sofa has just that right balance.”

What do you take into consideration when choosing your furniture?

Stephanie: “We find it extremely important that a piece of furniture is versatile and timeless. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Instead I think it is important to find something that really speaks to you. If you make choices for the long-term and choose items that you will still find beautiful in five years, you’re immediately making more sustainable choices.”

What other conscious choices have you made in your interior?

Stephanie: “We installed an old wooden floor in our home and couldn’t believe that someone else could want to remove something so beautiful from theirs. I find things that are imperfect and pre-loved very charming. It immediately gives a lot more character to your home.”

What inspires you?

Stephanie: “We really like vintage design from designers like Arne Jacobsen,
Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, as well as Italian mid-century designs.
We often go looking for special items in Paris or Copenhagen at one of the
many vintage design markets there. Travel is always inspiring. The restaurant ‘Atelier September’ in Copenhagen is very nice. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I especially like the casual and lively atmosphere that you find there.”

Younes: “Le Pigalle in Paris is also a beautifully decorated hotel; everything fits in well without it feeling over-designed. There are many nice designs but it doesn't feel like a museum. I also love Japan, which we visited for my 30th birthday. I was inspired by the sobriety there. They also put so much love and attention into everything which is very nice. I love minimalism combined with warm elements, like stone with wood.”

Inspired by Stephanie Broek's interior and design favourites? Create your own stylish seating area with the Layer Sofa. With its modular elements, this sofa invites you to think outside the box and create your own unique layout. In this HENK at home, the Layer Sofa can be seen in the fabric Facet and the colour 18.