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HENK at home with Anouk Yve

Anouk lives in a modern villa near Groningen with her husband Jos and two children. Her house radiates a sense of tranquillity due to its neutral colour palette and minimalist but warm decor. The large windows on both sides of the house effortlessly connect the inside with the outside, something that’s important to Anouk. We talked about her love for interior design, where she finds inspiration for her creations, and her favourite places in the house.

How would you describe your interior style? 
Warm, a mix between mid-century modern design and new, outside meets inside. I only find an interior exciting when you see that it has been lived in, when there’s a mix between old design pieces and contemporary comfort. For me, the personality of an interior is all in the details. You’ll find unique objects throughout our house - things I’ve made, purchased, and collected. Together they form our story, a place where everyone in the family feels at home. 

What inspires your work? 
Nature inspires almost everything I do. It was also the starting point when building our home. For example, we knew that we wanted the kitchen to be on a higher level so that we could cook with a view of the lake. We also wanted a lower level that could be a cocoon of sorts, surrounded by the garden. Nature is fickle, and every season is beautiful. I was recently on a press trip in Marrakech, and I caught myself taking pictures of beautiful plants because I was obsessed with the shape of a leaf in relation to the stem. I find imperfect shapes beautiful, interesting, and profound. 

What are you most proud of in your home?
The great hall, it’s the heart of our home. In the seven-metre-high ridge, there’s a small open space where daylight is reflected beautifully and from where you can see the moon shine at night. 

What’s important to you when purchasing a new piece of furniture? 
Comfort and how it fits within the story of our interior. 

You have the Elements Outdoor Lounge in your garden. Why did you choose this piece?
The Elements Outdoor Lounge has something brutalist about it. It’s quite masculine but still graceful because of its round cushions.  We usually try to bring the outside in with regards to material choices and shapes. Now we’re bringing the inside out, and that completes the circle. 

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