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HENK at home with Justine Kegels

In our series 'HENK at home' we visit people who inspire us to get a glimpse into their daily lives. This time we visited interior architect and lifestyle influencer Justine Kegels.


We arrived in Antwerp on a sunny morning to visit Justine; she lives in a classic and spacious apartment built between 1920 and 1925 with high ceilings and beautiful ornaments. Upon entering her hallway we spotted a low table with samples of carefully displayed floor tiles which immediately betray her profession as an interior designer. Justine will live in this beautiful apartment with her boyfriend, musician from the band Jungle, for a few more months before the couple move to London.


Justine, how would you describe your interior style?

“In general, my style is quite sober as I mostly work with neutral furniture. I like to use accessories to add coloured accents, but the base always remains serene. Art also plays an important role in my interior and I actually consider the works as objects; that's why I don't hang paintings but lean them against the wall on the floor. For example, there is now a huge painting in the living room made by my boyfriend during a creative impulse during lockdown. In the search for our new place in London, we also looked for a classic building style; a space should inspire me. If you put me in a boring newly-built apartment, I'll feel very unhappy.”


Who are your favourite interior designers?

"I find Kelly Wearstler very inspiring; her style is generally a lot more colourful and eclectic than my personal taste, but I always take elements from her designs. I also find Charles Zana interesting, he creates a beautiful experience with colour. And of course Axel Vervoordt, our 'Belgian pride'."


Are there any specific places in the world that inspire you?

"Morocco! I've been going there since I was seven because my grandparents built a riad there and we've been visiting yearly ever since. The attention and craftsmanship with which they create is something that has been nearly eradicated in Western culture. Their use of natural materials and warm colours also inspires me and I always take home a souvenir, such as the cushions on my chaise longue."


You will be leaving Antwerp soon. Which places will you miss the most?

"I like to go to this new place ‘Rush Rush’ for a special breakfast and for lunch you can often find me at Tinsel, a shop owned by friends of ours. I'm not a star in cooking so if I feel like a tasty (gluten-free) pizza I get it at Orso. And, when I'm looking for inspiration or feel like shopping, I go to the Kloosterstraat which is full of nice interior stores such as Recollection, Espoo, Christiaensen & Christiaensen and of course Studio HENK."


Why did you choose the Luna Lounge?

"I was on the hunt for a nice armchair for my living room. This chair is especially comfortable because of its wide, soft backrest and I also get that feedback from all of my guests who take a seat in the Luna!"



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