Coffee Tables

With a beautiful yet functional coffee table you will make your sitting area complete. We have a small collection of coffee tables that are available in different sizes. Place a coffee table next to your sofa or pair them together in the middle, adding something extra to your sitting area. It’s not only visually appealing, but also functional. When you've got people coming over, you simply separate the tables and use them individually. The Coffee Tables come in different sizes and finishes. Find out more below.

Studio HENK – modern designer coffee tables

Studio HENK’s modern designer coffee tables are real eye-catchers! The coffee tables made of wood and steel bring balance to your interior. The tables have a beautiful oak tabletop combined with a steel frame; a beautiful combination. For every taste there is a modern designer coffee table; the timeless New Co, or the unique tribute to freedom: the Butterfly! Come have a look at our beautiful designs in our showroom!

New Co modern coffee table: timeless

The New Co design is timeless, due to the purist, simple lines. This design thus fits in many interiors. The oakwood coffee table beautifully complements a Studio HENK dining table, whether it's a (New / Slim) Co, Butterfly or (New/ Slim) X-type. Because this designer coffee table is available in different heights, you can also choose to arrange a few New Co's. This allows for a playful effect, and is functional at the same time.

Butterfly modern coffee table: unique

The design of the Butterfly is inspired by the symbol of freedom: the butterfly. This modern coffee table makes a statement in the seating area, and goes perfectly with your own Studio HENK table. This coffee table made of wood with a steel frame looks great on a wooden floor or carpet, and as a coffee table or side table. Are you looking for a modern design oak coffee table? The modern wooden coffee tables are a wonderful addition to any home, and are versatile.