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The Creative & The Chair: Annemarieke van Drimmelen

In our series 'The Creative & The Chair’ our beloved Luna Lounge is in the spotlight. This unique lounge chair boasts a timeless and elegant design that is characterised by round and organic shapes. We invited several creatives to customise the Luna Lounge according to their individual style and taste. The result is a collection of personalised designs that reflect the unique personalities of each creative.

The third in our series is Annemarieke van Drimmelen; a talented photographer who works for fashion brands such as Hermès, Chloé and internationally renowned magazines including Vogue and Wall Street Journal. Annemarieke lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend Jasper and daughter June. We visited their beautiful home to ask about the inspiration behind her customised Luna Lounge and the rest of her carefully curated interior. 


It strikes me that your interior, just like your photography, looks very natural rather than stylised. Is it a collection you have grown over the years? 


“Thank you, I’m glad you get a natural feeling from my interior. We’ve actually only lived here for two years. Before that I lived in New York for seven years – where I still have an apartment (which I can’t be in at the moment due to COVID-19). For me it is important that a house feels alive - especially because I also have a two year old daughter who is very active. My interior is a mix of custom items, vintage and design classics such as a lamp by Isamu Noguchi and a chair by Hans Wegner. I also like to take a stone with me from every place I travel to. I then pile these stones on top of each other and they serve as beautiful, decorative objects.” 


What features are important to you when purchasing a piece of furniture? 


“I am quite critical of what goes into my house. Not just with furniture, but with stuff in general, I have to be really happy with it otherwise I'd rather not have it around me. Therefore, I choose my furniture very carefully. These choices don’t always depend on a piece being beautiful, it can also depend on features such as its functionality, for example.”


What kind of designs do you like? 


“I like designs from the 50s and 60s where a lot of handicrafts are involved. I also have a great fascination for Japanese design. Although I've never been there, I love the attention to details and materials that are put into crafting products there - it is very special. I also try and work these values into my photography.”


Why did you choose a Luna Lounge in the dark green Tonus fabric? 


“Funnily enough, I have a sofa in this exact same fabric and colour in my house in New York. I was customising the Luna Lounge at a time when - in the middle of the lockdown - I missed New York enormously. And, subconsciously, I chose that same dark green colour. I think that it’s a beautiful colour and it's nice that the Luna really stands out now. Because the rest of my interior mainly consists of neutral tones, I also wanted a different, more striking shade. It worked! I am very happy with the result.” 



Are you inspired by Annemarieke's story and her design choice for the Luna Lounge? You can personalise your own Luna Lounge here and create a chair that perfectly matches your own taste and interior. The possibilities are endless.