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3 ways to style your Studio HENK cabinet

Investing in a high quality and stylish cabinet is a functional and practical way to add personality to your interior. ​Here are 3 ways you can style your Henk cabinet for the living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Introducing our new Oblique cabinet:

The Studio HENK cabinet collection started with the popular ​Modular Cabinet design​, and has just been expanded with the release of our new ​Oblique Cabinet​. Both designs are fully customisable, offering the option to select the height, width, finish and closed elements of the piece.

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Design tips for your cabinet

To help you choose which cabinet is right for you, or how to style your existing piece, we have gathered our best tips and inspiration on how these designs can be used in different settings around your home.

Styling your cabinet for the living room

Your living room is a space where you can really choose to express yourself and make a statement. 

Accessorising this piece with your favourite art or some unique candles is a good place to start. Imagine a cabinet that displays your eclectic collection of books, photos of your travels and a special vase filled with fresh flowers.

Choose a finish that matches the other pieces in this room, or perhaps go for a bold statement with a contrasting colour or a black and white aesthetic. Closed elements can also be added to the cabinet to keep spare blankets and cushions tucked away.

Styling your cabinet for the kitchen

Choose an ​Oblique Cabinet​ for your kitchen interior and style it with a combination of essential recipe books and crockery that deserves to be seen.

Tall and narrow cabinets are a popular choice for kitchen spaces to create a contemporary and accessible storage solution.

We even use one in our Studio HENK office as a convenient way to keep those essential coffee cups at hand and a tall stack of side plates available for snacking on stroopwafels.

Styling your cabinet for the bathroom

Brighten up your bathroom by selecting a cabinet with a white frame and light oak shelves. Decorating this with a selection of straw baskets and a stack of clean folded towels can also emphasise a natural and fresh feeling in this space.

If you are going for a more industrial aesthetic, we suggest the ​Modular Cabinet​, which was designed with overhanging rectangular shelves. In contrast, the ​Oblique Cabinet​​ focuses on intricate details in its design with a recurring oval shape, and provides a softer appearance with its rounded edges.

Design your own cabinet

Wherever you decide to position your cabinet, the possibilities to create a piece that perfectly fits your interior are endless. ​Start creating your dream cabinet online now​ and choose between our range of colours, sizes and finishes. Or, if you’re looking for more inspiration and guidance, book a free session​ to speak with one of our interior stylists in either Amsterdam or Antwerp.

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