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Delivery conditions Studio HENK

Article 4 - Delivery

  1. You may pick up the product in Haarlem at A. Hofmanweg 7, 2031 BH Haarlem or choose for delivery. You can find the costs for delivery per country on the website.
  2. Ordered dining tables within the Netherlands and Belgium will be assembled with delivery. Other products will be only delivered. If you order other products in the Netherlands or Belgium next to a dining table those products will also be assembled*. *Please note that cabinets will never be assembled.    
  3. If you order products that must be delivered outside the Netherlands or Belgium, the products will only be delivered and not assembled. 
  4. We will deliver the product to the address you have specified. Once we have dispatched your product, we can no longer amend the address. JP Haarlem Delivery is our fulfilment partner and handles distribution of your product.
  5. Please ensure that all possible obstacles (such as closets, paintings, lamps) that may hinder the delivery of your products are removed. Also, cover fragile floors, walls and corridors and notify our driver of the fragility.
  6. Studio HENK is not responsible for any damage from the moment of passing the first door or entrance. We are willing to place the product inside.
  7. You must be present during delivery, otherwise we will charge cancellation costs.  
  8. If a product cannot be placed inside and other means of transportation are necessary (pulley block or removal lift), you must pay the costs.
  9. JP Haarlem Delivery may cancel a delivery if the situation is irresponsible to deliver. Costs for transportation and other costs will be borne by you.  
  10. Delivery may take place at another moment then the given timeframe due to traffic or other unexpected situations.
  11. If you are not satisfied about the way products are delivered, you may contact JP Haarlem Delivery via 023 5160699.  
  12. Terms for delivery in the confirmation of the order are indicative. We undertake to deliver products as soon as possible. If a delivery is delayed, we will notify you in writing. We guarantee that you receive an order ultimately 150 days after the date of the order confirmation. If we do not meet that guarantee, you have the option to (a) request immediate refund of the purchase price for the product, or (b) request that we send a product (of equal value) that replaces the initial product.
  13. All products are delivered within the countries stated below. Note: we only deliver to the ground floor for free. Within the Netherlands and Belgium, the tables are also assembled. All other furniture is only delivered. 

    Austria € 149,- 
    Belgium € 0,- 
    Germany € 149,- 
    Great Britain € 199,- 
    Finland € 199,- 
    France € 149,-
    Italy € 199,- 
    Luxembourg € 149,- 
    Norway € 199,-
    Sweden € 199,- 
    Switzerland € 199,- 
    The Netherlands € 0,- (Excluding Dutch Wadden Islands, price on request)

    In case other means (e.g. a lifting tackle or lifting platform) need to be used, this is entirely at the expense and risk of the customer.


Article 5 – Changing the Date of Delivery

You can always change the planned delivery date of a product, by sending an email to sales@studio-HENK.nl. If you wish to change the planned delivery date within 24 hours before delivery you must pay cancellation costs of €45,- (including VAT).


Article 6 - Returns

  1. If you ordered a product out of stock via our webshop, you may return the product within 14 days after you received the product. You can return the product by by sending an email to sales@studio-HENK.nl. After we confirm that we have received such email, you undertake to send back the product within 14 days. We will fully refund the purchase price within 14 days of having received your returned product. Costs for return shipments shall be borne by you. In the period in which you can still decide to return a product, you shall exercise due care in handling the product and its packaging. You will only remove packaging and use the product to the extent that this is necessary to establish whether or not you want to keep the product. You must always return the product in the original and not damaged packaging. This does not apply to customized products as described in article 6.2.
  2. Customized products that are made in conformity to your specifications (such as sizes and colours) cannot be returned. This applies by all meansto: all dining tables, dining benches, pillows for dining benches, sofa’s, dining chairs, fauteuils and closets.