Delivery Conditions

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Delivery conditions Studio HENK

Article 4 - Deliveries

You can have the product delivered. Delivery costs are indicated per country on the website. Transport and possible assembly to a higher floor can be arranged in consultation with the transporter, and it is entirely at the customer's risk and expense.

Ordered dining tables are assembled upon delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium. Other products are only delivered. However, if you order other products in addition to a dining table that will be delivered in the Netherlands or Belgium, all products will be assembled. NOTE: Wall cabinets are never assembled.

If you have a product delivered outside the Netherlands and Belgium, the products will only be delivered and not assembled.

We will deliver your product to the address you provided when placing the order. You cannot change the address once we have shipped the package. JP Haarlem Delivery handles the distribution.

Our products are often heavy, and therefore, they are transported and brought inside by two people if necessary. When a product is heavy, it may happen that the delivery personnel cannot reasonably bring the product inside due to the conditions at the delivery location. These conditions should be optimized as much as possible by you, the customer.

Ensure that all possible obstacles that could hinder the transport of your goods are removed (cabinets, paintings, lamps, etc.). Also, protect vulnerable floors, walls, and passages and/or inform our driver of their vulnerability.

Studio HENK is not liable for damage during transport from the first door/entrance. However, we are happy to assist you in placing the product indoors.

You must be present during delivery; otherwise, we will charge cancellation fees (€99).

If a product cannot be brought inside and other means of transport (crane or moving lift) need to be used, this is entirely at your expense and risk.

Studio HENK and its transport partners have the right to abort a delivery if the driver deems the delivery situation unsafe. Transport costs and any additional costs are your responsibility.

Delivery may occur outside the given time estimate due to traffic conditions or other unforeseen developments.

If you are not satisfied with the way the products were transported, you can contact

The delivery times in the order confirmation are indicative. We strive to deliver the order promptly. If the order is delayed, we will inform you in writing. We guarantee that you will receive the order no later than 150 days after the order confirmation. If this does not happen for any reason, you can request us to (a) immediately refund the amount you paid for the product or (b) send a replacement product (of equal value).

Transport to a higher floor and possible assembly of furniture other than tables can be arranged in consultation with the transporter, and it is entirely at the customer's risk and expense.

International transport costs on request.

If furniture cannot be brought inside and other means of transport (such as a crane or moving lift) need to be used, this is entirely at the customer's expense and risk.

Article 5 - Change of Delivery Date

You can change the scheduled delivery date of the order by calling 020-2333820. If you want to change the date within 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date, you must pay cancellation fees of €99 (including VAT).

Article 6 - Returns

If you are a consumer and have ordered a stock item through the webshop, you can return the product within 14 days after receiving it. You can do this by sending an email to After receiving confirmation from us, you must return the product within 14 days. Once we receive the product, we will refund the full purchase amount within 14 days. The return shipping costs are your responsibility. During the period you have to decide whether to keep the product, you must handle the product and packaging carefully. You may only unpack and use the product as far as necessary to determine whether you want to keep it. Therefore, you must always return the product in its original, undamaged packaging. This does not apply to custom-made products as described in paragraph 2.

Products made to your specifications (such as the desired size and color) cannot be returned. This includes at least the following products: dining tables, dining table benches, cushions for dining table benches, sofas, dining chairs, armchairs, and wall cabinets.