1. Delivery

    1. Studio Henk will deliver the purchased Product to the Customer no later than 183 calendar days after the date of the conclusion of the Agreement, unless otherwise agreed. If this proves impossible, the Customer may request: (i) a refund of the paid amount, or (ii) the delivery of a replacement Product of equal value.

    2. If a (delivery) period is agreed or specified, it is indicative and never a strict deadline. If the agreed period is likely to be exceeded, Studio Henk will promptly inform the Customer in writing about the delay.

    3. Delivery will occur as the purchased Product is delivered to the home of the Customer, after the Customer has made an appointment for this  delivery with Studio HENK’s transport partner. The delivery costs for each country are listed on the Website.

    4. Purchased Products, except for wall cabinets, dressers and wall shelves, delivered to the Customer’s home in the Netherlands and Belgium will be assembled upon Delivery. Wall cabinets, dressers and wall shelves are only delivered and not assembled. Excluded from assembly are products not from the furniture category, such as samples, merchandise, and accessories.

    5. If Delivery is required outside the Netherlands and Belgium, the purchased Product will only be delivered and not installed.

    6. The Customer ensures that the purchased Product can reach the desired location without obstacles and extra efforts. If the purchased Product cannot be brought inside and additional efforts are required, the additional costs will be borne by the Customer. This may include the need for the use of special tools.

    7. Studio Henk and its transport partners have the right to abort the Delivery if the relevant carrier indicates that the delivery situation is unsafe. Transport costs and other additional costs will then be borne by the Customer.

    8. Transport and any assembly on a higher floor is possible in consultation with the transporter and entirely at the risk and expense of the Customer.

    9. The Customer must be present at the time of Delivery. If the Customer is not present, a fee of € 99,- will be charged to the Customer as cancellation costs.

    10. Due to traffic conditions or other unforeseen developments, Delivery may unexpectedly and incidentally take place outside the stated time indication. In such a case, the cancellation costs referred to in Article 5.9 will be waived if the Customer is not present.

    11. Studio Henk is not liable for damage during transport from the first door/first entrance. This damage is the responsibility of the Customer.