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The story behind our materials

We believe that furniture should be made to last a lifetime. Therefore, we offer well-made furniture pieces; pieces that are made with craftsmanship. To ensure the durability of our furniture, we only work with high-quality materials. 

These upcoming weeks, we’ll share the story behind the materials we work with. Follow us on Instagram for the entire story, or keep an eye on our blog.

#1 A story on wood

We place great value on working with natural materials. For example, for many of our furniture pieces we work with solid oak wood. Oak wood is a type of hardwood that is beautiful, but also strong. It’s a durable material that we love working with, because it can withstand years of wear. If you take care of your wooden furniture pieces, you might even be able to enjoy them for a lifetime. The light hue, the subtle grain and the beautiful structure of the wood make the material perfect for any interior.

As we aim to design durable furniture, we only work with A-quality wood. This means that all our wooden furniture pieces have a fine grain. There might be knots in the wood, as it’s a natural material, but we only allow knots of about 2 cm. This way we can ensure that our furniture pieces keep their refined look. Explore the collection.

#2 A story on steel

As our furniture is characterized by clean lines, steel is the perfect material for the silhouettes of the designs. We work with high quality steel that is strong, durable and easy to maintain. The difficulty in working with steel lies in the welding. Therefore, we work with qualified craftsmen to create the frames for our furniture collection. The square steel tube is characteristic of our designs. You’ll find that, throughout the collection, you see the square tube returning in different forms, shapes and sizes. Explore the collection.

#3 A story on fabric

For our upholstered furniture, we work with different types of fabrics – from polyester to wool. Polyester is a strong, synthetic fibre that is made for daily use. Polyester upholstery is ideal when sofas are placed directly in the sunlight, as the material is resistant to fading. 

We work with wool fabrics from Kvadrat too. Wool is a beautiful material that is perfect for long-term use. The natural material is breathable, easy to care for and durable. As wool is naturally dirt repellent, you can easily remove stains too. Explore the collection.