Iroko is a hardwood from West Africa with a very long lifespan. It has a golden to chocolate brown colour that gradually weathers to a grey hue. The wood is renowned for its excellent resistance to rot and insects, and its minimal movement, making it highly suitable for outdoor furniture.

The Iroko wood used for our furniture is always FSC or PEFC certified, meaning it comes from responsible forestry practices. Because of its exceptionally long lifespan it is classified in durability class I or II.

  • Iroko wood remains untreated, allowing it to breathe and prolonging its usability.
  • Warm colour weathers to a grey hue when exposed to sun and rain.
  • Exceptionally long lifespan. 
  • Excellent resistance to rot and insects, and minimal movement.
  • FSC certified


Clean stains promptly with a damp cloth to prevent them from penetrating the wood.
When an Iroko furniture piece is placed outdoors for the first time, it absorbs water, causing the wood fibres to rise and potentially making the table feel rough. Therefore, a maintenance pad is provided. Rub it along the length of the wood several times to flatten the grain. If the table starts feeling rough again after some time, this process can be repeated.
We recommend treating the furniture twice a year with a solution of non-aggressive liquid soap and a soft brush. However, never use a high-pressure cleaner to clean the wood as it will damage the fibres.