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A comfortable, inspiring home office where you can work for hours on end

Do you often work from home? What does your home office look like? While most of us are currently working from home, we’re not exactly working from a ‘home office’. It’s more of a dining area turned into a workspace, but to be honest, it works! It’s even comfortable. The only thing you need to consider, really, is whether your furniture is comfortable enough for a full day of work. Are you looking for furniture that invites you to eat and work, talk and laugh, brainstorm and concentrate? Read on and find out how to create a comfortable, inspiring home office where you can work for hours on end.

There are different things to keep in mind when searching for furniture for your home office. For example, are you and your partner both working from home and do you want to sit across from each other while working from your laptop? Then a dining table with a width of 100 cm, rather than 90 cm, might be more interesting for you! The length, of course, depends on the space you have. If you have enough space, you can always consider placing a small(er) dining table in a separate room that you can turn into a home office, or in an empty corner in the living room. With a beautiful design table you will definitely get less of an ‘office’ vibe, and more of a ‘homey’ vibe - which is exactly what you’re looking for at home, right?

Perhaps even more important than the table you’re working from, is the chair you’re sitting on. We all know that it’s important to sit up straight when you’re working. However, we can imagine that an office chair isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Well, the Co Chair might just be the perfect alternative. The Co Chair has a straight backrest, ensuring hours of comfort without your back hurting. The height of the chair is adapted to the height of our tables. What we love about the Co Chair is that the upholstery gives your home a warm feeling, making you feel less at work and more at home. Would you like some advice on our furniture? Feel free to make an appointment for free online interior advice and Skype with one of our interior advisors. 

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