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Design process

We work with circular design principles as much as possible. For example, we use modular elements that allow easy assembly and disassembly and ensure simple repairs. We also enable customers to customise their pieces regarding size, finish, and configuration. This means that each piece of furniture is custom-made to suit the customers’ specific needs and their homes, keeping furniture longer in use. It also allows us to work on a made-to-order basis to avoid excess stock.

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Choice of materials

High quality
We create furniture that lasts for years - if not forever. That's why we always work with high-quality materials. We use renewable, reusable, non-toxic materials as much and as realistically as possible to reduce our impact. We're on a journey to improve our material choice and aim to be transparent, sharing our challenges and breakthroughs along the way.

Since October 2020, all of the wood used in our wooden furniture is FSC or PEFC certified. This ensures that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. We work with suppliers, like Kvadrat, who offer fabrics that are certified with labels such as the EU ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, OEKO-TEX or the Leather Working Group.

We continuously strive to innovate and find new ways to produce our furniture. In 2022 we introduced the 100% recycled coniferous wood Slot Dining Table, created in collaboration with leading waste-to-product company Renewi. We removed wood beams from waste and prepared them for production - the result is a table made of 100% waste wood, demonstrating that beautiful and functional furniture can be made sustainably.

One of the most sustainable options for wood-based boards is LivingBoard - a material made of wood chips and fibres from FSC or PEFC-certified trees. It is pressed and glued together with formaldehyde-free glue and has a variety of certifications: Blauer Engel Ecolabel, Cradle to Cradle Silver, and QGHW Premium. Living Board is 100% recyclable and (almost) 100% biodegradable. It is currently available in our Amoeba collection.

We are expanding our range of fabrics with recycled content and now offer Facet, Olbia, Soil, Regain, Rewool, Oceanic and Heritage.

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When it comes to product manufacturing, our furniture is made-to-order. Nearly all pieces are produced on demand, limiting raw material waste and excess stock. We produce in batches to ensure efficiency and limit waste.

Local manufacturing
Our entire collection is produced in Europe, a great deal of it is even in the Netherlands. We have good relationships with our suppliers and collaborate closely to enhance the sustainability of their manufacturing processes. We look, for example, at their waste management, material choices, working conditions, and use of green energy.

Production footprint
As a furniture company, the largest part of our impact comes from product manufacturing. This includes the emissions that result from harvesting, transporting, and processing materials; manufacturing our products; and transporting them to stores and consumers. Waste generated during the manufacturing process or after use by the consumer creates an additional footprint.

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Flat packing
We want to minimise the use of resources in packaging our products. That’s why all of our tables (except the round table frames) are designed for flat packaging, which uses less cardboard and allows for efficient transport. Many of our other furniture pieces, like some cabinets and chairs, are also flat packed.

Certified cardboard
We try to minimise the impact of our cardboard packaging. Since December 2020, all of the cardboard we use in our packaging has been 100% FSC certified.

Reducing plastic
In the furniture industry, it’s common to package with plastic as it’s an effective method of protection. We continue to challenge this and find more sustainable solutions; we have replaced plastic corner profiles and protection edges with cardboard alternatives, and replaced styrofoam surface protectors with cardboard inlays that only contain a very thin layer of expanded polystyrene to absorb shocks. Our next goal is to switch to a cardboard inlay to replace the last bit of plastic too.

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Product lifetime

We educate our customers about product maintenance with each purchase to ensure our products last for generations. We also provide tips to help customers care for their furniture in the best way possible. You can find our maintenance guide here.

Endless life services
We offer various services including repairs, returns, refurbishment and reclamation to optimise the lifetime of our furniture. We also host an annual ReSTORE event where we find a new home for repurposed furniture. Read more about our services here.