Return to nature with our new Base Collection

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Return to nature with our new Base Collection

The Base Lounge, Dining Chair and Stool are three new elegant designs forming part of our new Base Collection in addition to the Base Table and Bench. Created with a natural and minimalistic aesthetic, this collection will bring a breath of simple serenity into your home. These pieces push design boundaries with their careful attention to detail. They offer an escape from the busy city life by providing a sense of calm and purity to fulfil our collective craving to connect with nature. 

The uniqueness of this collection stems from its wooden joints which are cleanly connected with a no screw technique. Xander Albers, Creative Director and Co-founder of Studio HENK explains, “There’s beauty in how a piece of furniture is constructed; rather than hiding the process, we highlight it.” The development of the no screw technique originated from in-depth research Xander conducted into using wood-only connections. “My research was aimed at realising a strong connection without the need for a screw, and we succeeded,” says Xander.

Customisation is a prominent feature of every Studio HENK design. The entire collection gives you the freedom to create a piece that perfectly fits your interior by selecting different upholstery for the lounges, and the choice between four different wood finishes. Additionally, each piece is made from high quality oak, a durable material that ensures the timeless designs will last a lifetime.

With the intelligent craftsmanship of the Base Collection, you can sit back, relax and appreciate its pure aesthetics and simple comforts. The wooden back rests of the dining and lounge chairs are designed with a curved shape to ensure you can lean back and enjoy long dinners, or comfortable and productive work days. A key feature of the Base Stools are their versatility. Their stackable design means that you can have multiple at hand, ready to use not only for seating but also as a desk or coffee table.  

The Base Collection is available both in our web shop and at our showroom in Amsterdam. Click here to view the collection online, or alternatively make an appointment to visit us in person.