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A new collection of furniture that invites you to slow down

Design, comfort and tactility in a time of distance
As humans, we are always looking for comfort. We like tactility - we like to touch things. At a time when touching is not self-evident, we are so aware of that human need. Our new lounge collection responds to this with soft shapes and textures, and the shapes, materials and upholsteries of our new dining room essentials offer warmth as well. Our new collection consists of sofas and armchairs in rich woolen fabrics and dining tables in soft oak. Each piece of furniture is designed to stimulate the senses and conveys a sense of simplicity, tranquility and comfort.

Studio HENK & GLUE | Amsterdam Connected by Design
Studio HENK is one of the participants in the first edition of the design event GLUE | Amsterdam Connected by Design. During this event - on September 18, 19 and 20 - we present our new collection. We are open those days as usual, but these days are also dedicated to the new collection. We have organised a few interesting moments for design lovers for both Saturday and Sunday - Covid-19-proof of course!

Saturday, September 19 - a nice, sustainable home and workplace in one
On Saturday, September 19, we will have a talk with Vivian and Elvera from April and May. "What will be the new meaning of the home?" In this day and age, we spend more time at home, both for home life and for work. What is the impact of this? How do you give this a pleasant interpretation? What makes a house a home, but also a pleasant workplace? We will exchange ideas with Vivian and Elvera about the changing meaning of the home, for establishing balance, adapting to the new normal, and the increasing need for sustainability.

Sunday September 20 - a warm, balanced home
On Sunday September 20th we have an interesting workshop by Janneke - one of the Studio HENK interior stylists. We will work with her to find what makes a house a home. You will notice that not only colours, but also a mix of materials create the right atmosphere in the house. Creating a moodboard can help you organise ideas, take a fresh look at what works (and doesn't) for you, and create balance in your home because you can fall back on it while making choices.

Come by for inspiration or join us!
Just like every other day, you are welcome in our showroom in Amsterdam for interior inspiration. During GLUE we also cordially invite you to participate in the conversation with Vivian and Elvera from April and May on Saturday, and/or to create your own moodboard on Sunday. We will hold a conversation/workshop on two moments these days - from 11-11.30 am and from 1.00-1.30 pm - whilst having a snack and a drink. You can then continue your way inspired with a goodie bag (plus mood board on Sunday). If you want to participate, book your free online 'class' with April and May or the moodboard workshop! Due to the Covid-19 measures, we can receive a limited number of guests, and we will of course ensure sufficient distance and hygiene.