Kvadrat sets the tone

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Kvadrat sets the tone

Aesthetics meet quality - The leading Danish Kvadrat produces contemporary, high quality textile products. Upholstery that’s used by consumers, and by architects and designers for public spaces. Aesthetics, technology and functionality are requirements for their textiles. Colour, simplicity and innovation are paramount. The Kvadrat upholstery consists (largely) of wool. It is natural, easily to maintain and keep beautiful in the long run.

Kvadrat and Studio HENK: superb combination - Studio HENK has a large collection of designer furniture. For our furniture we offer a choice of luxurious upholstery from Kvadrat. We have made a selection of a number of fine series of Kvadrat, such as Hallingdal 65, Steelcut Trio 3 and Tonus Meadow. These rich fabrics are a beautiful, warm addition to our designs, wood and steel. With the right texture and colour you can personalise your Studio HENK furniture completely.

Maintenance of your woolen Kvadrat upholstery - Wool is the perfect fit for your furniture: wool fibres do not absorb dirt. The most important advice to keep your woolen Kvadrat upholstery in good condition is to vacuum it regularly with the furniture attachment. That way dirt will not pull into the fabric. Plus, pilling will probably not occur since it’s mostly congestion of external fabrics (clothing, pillows) and hairs. In case you do have a stain in your furniture, do not worry. Consult the James vlekkenwijzer as soon as possible.

Kvadrat vs Studio HENK perfect for home or project design - Studio HENK has a range of products with upholstery: dining chairs, lounge chairs, sofas and cushions for our dining benches. Each items with a rich and unique appearance through the combination of the design, the materials and the upholstery. Studio HENK products are ideal for projects and consumers; high quality and completely adjustable to your liking. If you’re curious for what Kvadrat and HENK can do for you, please come visit us in the showroom!