5 steps to customising your ideal dining table

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5 steps to customising your ideal dining table

Choosing the perfect dining table ensures that your space can stay fresh and inspiring for meaningful conversations and enjoyable meals ahead. From selecting the size, shape, design and finish - there are many things to consider when creating your dining room centre piece. We are here to help guide you through this process with our 5 steps to customising your ideal dining table.

Step 1: Evaluate the size of your dining room

Ideally, your dining table should complement the room it will sit in to make your interior look and feel as spacious as possible. 

You will need about 70-80 cm between the dining table and the wall for enough room to sit comfortably. And, if you want to be able to walk freely around the dining table while guests are seated, you will need to leave around 90 cm of free space.

Step 2: Find the tabletop shape most suitable for your dining space

We offer a selection of round, oval, rectangle, flat oval and blob shaped tabletops at HENK. The best one for you will also depend on the shape of your space. 

For square shaped rooms we recommend placing a Round dining table in the centre to focus the arrangement on a central point and to create a cosy and inclusive setting. 

If you have a long and narrow dining space, choose a Rectangular or a Flat Oval tabletop to emphasise the length of the space. 

For a living room with lots of space, an Oval dining table can be an effective way to soften the room. Or, you could choose our unique Blob Tabletop for an adaptable and organic setting.

Step 3: Choose a wood material and finish

The choice of material is mostly a matter of taste. However, your lifestyle might influence your choice as well. 

If you have children, an oak dining table with a natural or natural light finish is a fantastic option as these tabletops are protected with hardwax oil and are less sensitive to scratches. Another great option is a coloured HPL table, as scratches can easily be removed with a magic sponge. 

If you are looking for a darker wooden dining table, we also offer smoked oak and walnut woods which are protected with a natural lacquer.

Step 4: Decide which frame and edges suit your interior

We have up to 9 different frames in our collection that can be paired with the tabletop of your choice using our online configurator. These options range from intricate detailed frames like in the Butterfly table, to simple and minimalistic options as seen in the New Classic frame.

The frames can be placed in three different positions underneath Rectangular and Flat Oval tabletops which allows you to play around with the number of seats at the table. If you place the legs on the outer ends of the table, you can seat more people next to each other. Whereas a frame positioned closer to the middle leaves more room for sitting at the head of the table. 

You can also choose between chamfered or standard straight edges for your table. Select standard straight edges for a firm and contemporary look, or alternatively for a more chic and elegant aesthetic you can choose our chamfered edges.

Step 5: Design your own table

Are you ready to start designing your new dining table? Use our online configurator to customise your dream table online now and choose between our range of colours, sizes and finishes. Or, if you’re looking for more inspiration and guidance, book a free session to speak with one of our Interior Advisors in either Amsterdam or Antwerp.