The Creative & The Chair: Marie Wynants

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The Creative & The Chair: Marie Wynants

In our series 'The Creative & The Chair’ our beloved Luna Lounge is in the spotlight. This unique lounge chair boasts a timeless and elegant design that is characterised by round and organic shapes. We invited several creatives to customise the Luna Lounge according to their individual style and taste. The result is a collection of unique designs that reflect the personalities of each creative.

The fourth creative in our series is Marie Wynants; a Belgian photographer who has worked for artists such as Oscar and The Wolf and Charlotte de Witte, as well as renown brands including Serax, Ann Demeulemeester and Delvaux. We visited Marie’s home to chat about what inspires her photography, her interior design style and more. 


Who or what inspires your photography?


“I have been fascinated by the female body since the beginning of my career. I have a background in dance, and in my work, I like to portray elegance, especially that of women. I am also a fan of Paolo Sorrentino films such as La Grande Bellezza (among many others). I find his aesthetics, absurdity and surrealistic views very inspiring. I also like Pedro Almodóvar's early films because of the way he portrays women.”


How would you describe your interior style?


"Eclectic. I'm in the middle of decorating our new home and I've noticed that I have many different styles. For example, our living room has the colourful and playful aesthetics of a tropical Malibu vibe, whereas our bedroom on the other hand is very serene. I'm already quite busy myself, so it's nice to have a quiet bedroom that isn't too loud. That’s why we opted for soft colours and beautiful, flowing fabrics in this space.”


Where do you get inspiration from when it comes to interior design?


“I love the work of Italian designer Vincenzo De Cotiis. The spaces he designs are often raw in themselves, but he makes them elegant by adding elements such as warm lighting and brass. I really like the dialogue he creates. I also get inspiration from magazines such as Architectural Digest and Vogue Living. Travelling is another source of interior inspiration for me as I often take souvenirs from my trips abroad. My cutlery comes from Sri Lanka and I have dishes from Morocco.”


How do you like your Luna Lounge and why did you choose the beige Bear upholstery?


“I am very happy with it! I like that the Luna Lounge is a robust chair; you can easily hang your arms over the side and it is so big that you can almost sit on it with the two of you. I quickly fell in love with the Bear upholstery as I was looking for a cosy fabric. My Luna Lounge feels like a cloud you can sit on.”



Inspired by Marie's story and her design for the Luna Lounge? Personalise your own Luna Lounge and create a piece that perfectly matches your own taste and interior.