Meet the products bringing us soft shapes for January

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Meet the products bringing us soft shapes for January

Putting an unforgettable year behind us, we’re turning our attention to 2021 with a clean slate and a focus on what matters. This month we feature the Cave Sofa, Flat Oval tabletop, Ode lounge chair and our latest addition; the Oblique Cabinet. All of these products are characterised by their rounded shapes and soft edges. These recurring details ensure that the different pieces from our collection subtly match each other when combined, making them easy to style together in your interior.

New Oblique Cabinet 

Our newest product is a fully customisable wall cabinet which boasts an elegant design with curved edges that create a soft and organic aesthetic. Its strong steel frame is connected to the oak shelves with detailed craftsmanship to emphasise its recurring oval shape. This open system cabinet can be customised to choose the height, width, colour, material and finish that best suits your needs. Closed elements can also be added to any part of the design. The Oblique Cabinet is made from sustainable FSC-certified wood and is produced in Europe.

The modular Cave Sofa

The Cave Sofa is characterised by its modular design, allowing it to be easily arranged to create a setting that suits any home. It can be customised with different sizes and fabrics, and also allows you to choose your design with or without arm rests and/or corner elements. The sofa is lifted off the ground with slim feet to give it a lighter appearance. The name ‘Cave Sofa’ also hints at the design’s inspiration; In nature the cave is rounded and enclosed, which is reflected in this piece as you can really dive into it and feel safe.

Our Flat Oval tabletop shape

The shape of the Flat Oval tabletop lets you experience the smooth aesthetics of a rounded table, whilst also enjoying the space optimisation that comes with a rectangle. The tabletop can be combined with a variety of different frames to create a truly unique piece. The table in this campaign features a standard straight edge to minimise sharp corners and make it more friendly for a family household. You can start customising your dream table here.

The Ode lounge chair

The Ode lounge chair is a comfortable and contemporary design featuring a unique silhouette. This piece adds character to any modern living space and can be customised with different finishes and upholsteries to create the perfect combination for any interior. The smooth shapes of this piece can be found in the oval arm rests which are made out of high quality oak, emphasising the sophisticated aesthetic of the lounge chair. Try combining your Ode lounge with a matching ottoman for the optimal lounging experience.