How the work of Matisse inspired the Scissors Coffee Tables

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How the work of Matisse inspired the Scissors Coffee Tables

Henri Matisse is known for his artistic talent and influence across many mediums including painting and sculpture. However, in the final years of his life Matisse’s physical health deteriorated, leaving him in a wheelchair. Finding himself unable to master the fine dexterity of his other art forms, he went back to basics. Matisse developed a new style using two key tools: paper and scissors. 


This ground-breaking new approach led to a series known as the ‘cut-outs.’ Matisse created multiple masterpieces using a pair of dressmaker scissors. He brought paper to life with his chopped shapes, transforming it into lively compositions with a wide variety of colours and forms.


Inspired by the unique beauty of Matisse’s cut-outs, Studio HENK’s in-house design team decided to challenge themselves. They too went back to basics, shutting themselves in a room with paper and scissors to experiment with chopped shapes and to see which ideas sprung to life. 


The result of this intuitive design process? A unique new design family. The Scissors Coffee Tables were born. This quirky family of coffee tables exhibit the spontaneous lines and shapes created from the Matisse-inspired activity. Our design team began the process without any final product or idea in mind, and as they started experimenting with the paper and scissors the concept of these coffee tables evolved.


The Scissors Coffee Tables are available in a new range of colours which were introduced to suit this edgy design; also a homage to Matisse’s extensive use of colours. The family consists of 4 unique designs, each with their own shape and size. Choose your favourite piece or try combining multiple coffee tables to create a dynamic Scissors setting. Discover the possibilities.