HENK at Home with Michiel Bosman

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HENK at Home with Michiel Bosman

In our series ‘HENK at home' we visit people who inspire us to get a glimpse into their daily lives at home. This time we visited Michiel Bosman, who lives with his partner in a beautiful corner house in Bodegraven.


Michiel Bosman is a photographer with a fast-growing Instagram account that showcases his stylish and photogenic interior. Two years ago, him and his partner Tomas moved into a 1914 corner house in Bodegraven. After rigorous renovation the old building has been refurbished, yet it still retains its authentic elements such as the original stained-glass windows and glamorous ceiling ornaments. The result is an elegant and minimalist interior which boasts a refined mix of old and new.


Michiel, you live in a beautiful old building, but at the same time your interior contains many modern elements. How would you describe your interior taste?


“It is a combination of classic and contemporary design. I think Scandinavian design is very beautiful, but I also want to make sure that I don’t just have a typical Scandi interior. That's why I love to mix old furniture from the thrift store with modern pieces. For example, I bought our dining table for a few tens on Marktplaats and the chairs are a mix of new and second-hand from designers such as Carl Hansen. I also brought some furniture and decor from my late grandmother's old house as a memento of her.”


What did you take into consideration during the renovation?


“During the renovation we were considering sustainable choices wherever possible. For example, we re-used as many materials as we could. Upstairs in the hallway we left the floor that was already in place, and in the bedroom, we used seagrass: a material that is more environmentally friendly than other floors. We also opted for bamboo panels in the kitchen, a more sustainable material that has been treated as naturally as possible.”


I see that you regularly combine light wood with dark wood. Can you tell me about this choice? 


“True, many people don't dare to combine different types of wood with each other, but I like to say: 'just do it.’ We have a lighter oak floor, and our kitchen is made of dark bamboo. We also chose to place the Slot Coffee Table in light oak opposite a dark wooden chest of drawers that belonged to my grandmother. I really like those contrasts. If you choose everything in one wood colour it becomes too monotonous.”


What made you choose the Slot Coffee Table?


“Its organic shape is beautiful. I love natural shapes with soft curves and have noticed that I tend to choose them more often. Similar soft curves are also present in other elements of our interior such as the lamp above our dining table and in our various chairs. I find that it gives our interior that refined and warm character.”


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