Extending the lifecycle of our furniture with swap-studio

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Extending the lifecycle of our furniture with swap-studio

At Studio HENK, our commitment to sustainability is creating durable furniture that can be enjoyed for generations, supporting a circular economy. This is why we’ve joined forces with swap-studio; an online platform where members can swap their pre-loved items using a points or credits system called kudos.

Swap-studio has a grand vision to change the resale industry for the better and nurture a community where sustainable choices come first. 

“So far, we’re well on our way to achieving it. Already, hundreds of members in the Netherlands have united behind this vision and pledged tons of once loved items with the intent of saving them from landfill and giving them another life,” comments founder and CEO, Nilofer Christensen.

We are incredibly proud to partner with swap-studio and re-home our pre-loved stock within this community that shares our values and cares about the finite resources of our planet. 

The pieces we are swapping have been used for photoshoots or have been on display in our stores. They are as good as new and looking for their permanent home. 

Our products will go live on swap-studio on Monday, 26 April. Join the swap-studio community and let’s move towards a sustainable future together.