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Simple, straightforward designs – made with attention to details

It seems like there’s a growing need for durable furniture designs. We’d rather invest in a well-made piece that lasts a lifetime than buy a new table every few years because it’s worn out. Therefore, Studio HENK creates simple, straightforward designs that are made with attention to details.

“We’re becoming more aware of what we buy. As a result, people are spending more time searching for the right furniture pieces; pieces that will last a lifetime. At Studio HENK, we want to meet that need for qualitative design”, says co-founder Okke Albers.

Studio HENK’s designs are a combination of simple forms, natural materials and craftsmanship. The natural materials give the furniture pieces a timeless appearance, while the simple lines turn the pieces into aesthetic, contemporary designs. Although are designs appear simple, the subtle details reflect the craftsmanship with which the furniture is made. “There’s beauty in how a piece of furniture is made. Rather than hiding the process, we highlight it”, says designer Xander Albers. 

With our collection we aim to highlight the relevance of craftsmanship in creating aesthetic furniture for contemporary living. 

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