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Studio HENK for Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie by Being Spaces – A place to have lunch, work and relax – that was what Baker & McKenzie had in mind for their company restaurant. Being Spaces, the design studio/project manager that was hired to design the space –translated this idea to ‘the Baker Cafe’. An open space that with different seating areas – from an area with small tables where you can meet up for a cup of coffee and a chat to a lounge area where you can relax during breaks. 

Studio HENK Butterfly design table – For the interior of the restaurant, Being Spaces opted for high Butterfly tables with an oak tabletop and a black, steel frame. The solid oak adds strength and stability to the table – making it perfect for everyday use – while the black, steel frame gives the tables an elegant expression. The high tables allow for colleagues to sit together, turning the company restaurant into a meeting place. In one of the seating areas, you’ll find Studio HENK’s Modular Cabinet too. By opting for the same finishes for the cabinet as for the Butterfly tables, Being Spaces connects the areas, creating the perfect unity.

Studio HENK and project design – We offer our extensive collection of design furniture – from tables, benches and stools to modular cabinets - in countless variations. This makes them ideal for project design. If necessary, we will take it a step further to fulfil all wishes for your project design. We want to make your imagination come true!

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