Sofas are often the centre piece of the living room. It’s where everyone gathers to spend time together, to socialize or simply to unwind. Offering enough room for the whole family to gather without appearing large in size, our sofas are designed with a clean aesthetic in mind. Thanks to the minimalistic frames the sofas appear to hoover above the ground. Meanwhile, the soft pillows provide endless comfort, allowing you to really unwind. Find out more about our collection of sofas below.

Design Sofas by Studio HENK

Go for a tasteful addition to your interior with a Studio HENK tailor-made design sofa. Chose the royal Giuseppe of go for the volatile Co Lounge sofa. High quality and the choice out of countless fabrics are making Studio HENK sofas the perfect eyecatcher for your interior. Both the Giuseppe and the Co Lounge are able to bring balance in your interior, despite what furniture you have already brought into your place in the past. Studio HENK is rooted into Dutch design culture. The timelessness and straight lines of the sofas lift up the surrounding environment and make it feel up-to-date.

Tailor-made design sofa

Studio HENK works with the highest possible quality, steel, pure oakwood and wool fabrics. Be creative and design your sofa in such a way that it works perfectly in your interior. At Studio HENK we are able to answer your questions about your interior and help you in our showroom. As an interior design company we are able to advise you which sofa has the right size and fabric for your place. Simple clean lines, optimal sitting comfort and the highest craftsmanship possible make studio HENK sofas into a solid and optimal choice

Giuseppe of Co Lounge sofa for relaxing

The Giuseppe is based on simplicity and modernism. With maximum soft pillows and clean lines this is the right design for reading during the day or having a drink at night to wind down. Despite the clean lines it has a remarkable comfort due to a special layered cushion filling. The Co Lounge is a flexible, comfortable tailored design sofa that can be placed in every room. The essence of Dutch minimalism combined with sixties influences and contemporary culture have made this sofa into a classic which will provide you with endless pleasure.