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Assembly Checker chair

Design, comfort, and practicality meet in our new stackable Checker Chair. With its distinguishable rounded backrest, this solid wood chair fuses intelligent design and sophistication.

Download the Checker Chair manual as a PDF

1. Check if every part of the Checker Chair is in your package. Make sure you have an Allen Key 6mm at hand (not included in the packaging.

2. Open the box and unpack the fixings box to collect all screws and other parts.

3. Get the two legs (A+B) and slide them into each other as shown in the illustration. Check the little holes on the tops of the back legs; they should face inwards.

4. Now push the 4 dowels (H) into the small holes at the top of the frame as shown in the illustration.

5. Push the little rubber caps (I) in the small holes at the bottom of the frame.

6. Now take the seat (D). Pay attention to the recess on the bottom of the seat, it fits perfectly on the frame. Using the Allen Key, tighten the screws (E) on the bottom of the frame.

7. Take the backrest (C). Use an Alley Key to tighten the screws (F). You don’t have to screw them too tightly; once you feel slight resistance, it’s enough.

8. Carefully slide the backrest on the frame. Make sure the screws fit in the holes on top of the frame.

9. Secure the backrest by screwing the small headless screws (G) into the small holes in the frame. Use an Allen Key for this, don’t screw too tightly.

10. Your new Checker Chair is ready to use. Enjoy!

11. We would like to ask you to recycle the cardboard box if no longer in use. Thank you.