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Assemble your Studio HENK Column Table

You've received a dining table from Studio HENK, we'll assemble it for you but you might want to disassemble and move it someday. It's very simple, and with this assembly video we'll show you how to assemble your dining table. If you have specific questions, please contact

Download the Column Table manual as a PDF

1. Collect the following tools:
    - 1x An Allen key 4 mm
    - 1x Phillips Screwdrive

2. Check that you received all parts in your package.

3. Slide two part B pieces into part A without applying too much pressure

4. Keep the now combined sections A and B upright in the orientation they were assembled and position part C on top. Secure in place with six ‘D(M4/30mm)’ screws

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to assemble the second leg. Next, protect your floor before placing the the tabletop bottom-side up. Attach the legs with the remaining ‘E( M8/25mm) ’ screws on your desired mounting points of the tabletop.

6. With at least two people, turn the table upright. Your Studio HENK Column Table is now ready to enjoy!