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Are you in need of a repair?

Although all our furniture is made to order and handled with care, it sporadically happens that an item is damaged in transit or during use. The first solution is always to offer a repair, but on some occasions it is decided to replace the item instead. Instead of discarding the damaged item, we take them back to our skilled craftsmen who can fully repair the pieces. These repaired items are stored in our warehouse until they find their new home through the Restore event. 

Are you in need of a repair? Please contact our service team who will provide you with more information.

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At Studio HENK we realise that resources and materials are valuable and should be treated as such. By offering a full service program we can maximise the lifetime of our furniture. Because we believe that furniture should never end up as waste.


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In principle Studio HENK items are non-refundable because they are made to order. We always try to create awareness with the client about the impact of a return, and look for an alternative solution to minimise returns. However, in rare cases customers are allowed to return their item in consultation with our service team. Just like the repaired items, the returned furniture is stored in our warehouse until the Restore event takes place.

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To make sure the repaired and returned items get a new home, Studio HENK hosts an annual ReStore event. Usually nearly all products are sold, but those remaining are either stored in our warehouse for a next Restore event, or sent back to the original manufacturer, who can relatively easily recover the materials (mostly wood) for reuse, or as a last resort process the waste materials into energy.

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Our Studio HENK advisors offer guidance to customers when they configure their piece of furniture, especially when it comes to upholstered pieces. We want to make sure that whatever choice our customers make, it is a long-lasting one! Still, it is possible that after a while someone is ready for a fresh look on their furniture. That is why we offer a refurbish service for selected upholstered Studio HENK items. 

Please contact our service team to receive more information on the refurbishment program

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Although Studio HENK furniture is designed to last for generations, it can happen that a customer outgrows their Studio HENK furniture and refurbishment is not sufficient. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our products never end up in landfill. While we encourage our customers to try and repurpose or resell their Studio HENK item directly, we also offer a reclamation service. Reclaimed items will be either refreshed or refurbished and sold through our annual Restore event, or when damaged beyond repair they will be recycled with the highest material value as possible. 

If you are interested in using our reclamation service, please contact our service team.

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