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Three tips for styling your outdoor space this summer

With warmer days ahead, we’re excited to spend more time outside. Any outdoor space can be as comfortable and inviting as an indoor living area with a great setup. Add a bouquet, an antique vase, a set of linen napkins, or a patterned blanket for a cold summer evening for that extra touch. We’ve gathered a few styling tips to help you make the most of your space this summer season.

Keep it natural
An array of fresh fruit and vegetables from the market, a timeless linen tablecloth, or a beautiful pot, vase, or jug might be all you need to dress up your outdoor area. This way, the outdoor furniture pieces can stand alone as design pieces. For the Elements Outdoor Collection, we brought together durability, functionality, and design to create a collection that complements any outdoor space - and is easy on the eyes. The Iroko wood, known for its durability in all kinds of weather, has a beautiful colour that develops a natural greyish tint over time. For the cushions, we chose Sunbrella-Heritage fabrics, which are high-quality outdoor fabrics that retain their initial beauty year after year.

Style in harmony
At Studio HENK, we believe in less but better. That’s true of furniture and how you choose to decorate your space. Keep it minimal; the things you bring into a space should harmonize with what surrounds it. Give space to nature and let the plants, flowers, and trees take centre stage. Be conscious about what you add: display one large beautiful vase instead of several small ones, for example. Or curate a selection of ceramics in colours and materials that you really love so you will want to use them every summer.

Tell a story
We are passionate about beautifully crafted objects, and these can really bring your outdoor space to life. Think of ceramics by The Bird Tsang and JC Herman Ceramics or beautiful vases by French maker Cassandre Bouilly. Or pick up a piece or two from an antique market. A woven basket is also a great way to bring that summer holiday vibe to any outdoor space. Or add a beautiful blanket to your lounge for those cooler summer nights.

Style your table with a bouquet of fresh flowers or a few branches, put on some good tunes from our curated summer playlist, and you’re all set for a summer get-together! If you’re still looking to customise your outdoor space, be sure to take a look at the complete Elements Outdoor Collection.