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Interior advice: How to add a soft touch to your interior

We love a clean, minimal interior – an interior that is characterized by a few well-made furniture pieces, exuding a sense of tranquillity. However, a minimal interior can appear a bit cold too. So, how do you make sure your interior still has a soft feel?

With round shapes and soft shades you can already give your interior a completely different look. A round or flat oval dining table, for example, has a very different character than a rectangular dining table. Especially in an open living space with a kitchen island, a round or flat oval dining table can be a welcome variation to all the rectangular shapes.

You can also work with soft shades to give your interior a softer look. This can be a neutral tone like beige, but also a soft shade of green. We have an extensive collection of fabrics for you to choose from, with many different tones that all have a different effect on the appearance of your interior. White steel can appear slightly softer than black steel as well. Are you curious to know what works best in your interior? We’d love to give you some interior advice! You can make an appointment here.

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