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A new perspective on our furniture

At the studio, we have a creative team with very different creatives – creatives that each have their own perspective. Although we love creating beautiful things together, at times it’s challenging to see things from someone else’s perspective. At the same time, new perspectives can be a powerful source of inspiration. That’s why this month, we decided to put our heads together and change our own perspective on something we’re all too familiar with: our collection of furniture. We’re putting our furniture in a new light to show you that the possibilities of the collection are endless.

One of the pieces that we’re highlighting today is the dining bench – a personal favourite at the office. The dining bench, as the name suggests, was created in addition to our collection of dining tables. But don’t let the name stop you from using it in other ways! We placed it in the hallway, and as it turns out: the dining bench makes for a beautiful hallway bench as well. (Especially this beautiful new Slot dining bench that we’ll be launching soon). We personally love the dining bench at the end of the bed, too. It gives your bedroom a luxurious vibe, almost like you’re sleeping in a hotel.

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