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A little hideaway to spend the summer

Now that we’re not going anywhere, why not turn our home into a little hideaway? Although most of our travel plans are cancelled, we’ve decided to enjoy the summer to its fullest by turning our home into a little retreat.

By making a few small changes, you can already invite that summer feeling into your home. For example, if there’s a certain corner in your home where the sunlight comes in, maybe you can add a chair or sofa near that window, so you can drink your morning coffee, or afternoon tea, there. On hot days, you can open your windows to allow a fresh breeze to enter the room. As you linger around the house, embracing the slow pace of summer, why not lay down on the sofa for an afternoon nap? There’s plenty of time. In the evening you can cook a delicious meal for family or friends – while keeping distance, of course – and gather around the dining table for conversations and wine.

If you’re looking for a new lounge chair or sofa for your home, why not consider a soft fabric in a light tone? We personally love the Modulo lounge chair and sofa. The lounge collection has a very light, airy appearance - perfect if you’re looking to invite a summery feeling to your home.

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