Interior advice: How to give your interior a new appearance

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Interior advice: How to give your interior a new appearance

This month we view our collection from a different perspective. How can you use our furniture? Where can you place the different pieces? When you change your perspective, you realize that the possibilities are endless. There’s always a new way for you to use our furniture, allowing you to change your interior without necessarily buying something new.

Maybe you have a beautiful dining bench that you love. After using it for many years, you feel like changing things up and placing dining chairs at the table instead. In that case, you don’t have to get rid of your beautiful dining bench. As it turns out, the dining bench makes for a perfect hall bench as well. If you have a small coffee table that you want to change for a larger one, you can place the coffee table next to your bed and use it as a nightstand.

When you decide to move to a different place, chances are that beautiful furniture piece won’t fit the place you had in mind for it. In that case, there are hundreds of possibilities too. If you’re moving to a bigger house and you’re looking for a new place for your modular cabinet, you might find that the cabinet works well in the kitchen, utility room or laundry room as well – not just the living room.

What we’re hoping to show you is that your furniture can move with you as you change, so that it’s always worth the investment and you can enjoy the furniture for a lifetime. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration this month!

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