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HENK’s tips to style your festive dining setting

This holiday season we’re looking forward to decorating, celebrating and (safely) spending time with close family and friends. With celebration dinners rapidly approaching, we are sharing some tips on what to consider when styling your festive setting.

First, the colour scheme: 

Choosing a colour scheme is an important part of setting the tone for your gathering. The colour of your tabletop or table cloth is a great place to begin. When we decorated the Blob tabletop with the beige finish, we decided to use plates that shared the same beige tone as the table in order to create a natural aesthetic; we then added golden cutlery for a subtle festive sparkle. If you have a white tabletop, black tableware can create an effective contrast especially when combined with red accessories. For wooden tabletops we love using browns and greens.

Then, the layout: 

The best part about using a shape such as the Blob tabletop for a dining setting is the versatility of seating positions available. Festive dinners provide the perfect opportunity to create an inclusive dining setting where everyone can gather around, face each other and share quality time together. Our new Blob tabletop shape beautifully accommodates different spacing around the table, allowing guests to spread out and still be facing a centre point to feel connected.


And lastly, the all important accessories: 

Don’t forget to add the finishing touches to your setting with some elegant accessories. In this case, we believe that less is more. We suggest using linen napkins for a natural aesthetic and sustainable approach; and then placing some fresh greenery on the plates or as a centre piece to tie it all together. Tall candles are also an easy way to add some layers and warmth to your table.

Of course, the most important part of a festive table setting are the people gathered around it. Even though it will be challenging to meet up with loved ones this festive season, let’s focus on staying connected and celebrating with those we have around us. Wishing you happy holiday moments - HENK