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Invite a sense of calm into your home with the Dresser

A new year always brings a sense of renewal. Even though we’re far from spring, we often feel like organizing our homes a little bit. It makes sense after a busy month filled with festive gatherings. We long for a quiet place – a sanctuary where we can escape from the cold to rest and restore.

A rather easy way to organize your home is by getting rid of any ‘clutter’ – small objects that are lying around your home that are distracting. Although you might not realize it, these objects are often a distraction. Our mind subconsciously registers everything that is happening around us, making it more difficult to calm our minds.

If you have a cabinet with drawers, see if there are things that you could place in there. Often, there’s more that you can put away than you think. I have recently upgraded my own interior with a beautiful dresser. It offers more than enough room for all the items I wanted to put away, and invites that sense of calm I had been looking for. Now, every day when I come home I feel at ease. As soon as I enter the door, I can leave the busy day behind me and enjoy a worry-free evening.

Of course, you don’t want your place to look ‘sterile’. It’s a living space after all – a space that you are, by definition, meant to live in. That’s why the Dresser offers room for display too. Place your favourite objects on top – from pieces you’ve inherited to beautiful art works. I’ve placed a painting by one of my favourite artists on top. Every time I have people over, the artwork catches their eye. Of course, there are many other things that you can put on top of the cabinet. Just remember that less is often more.

You can also work with different materials and textures to add liveliness to your living space without adding to the clutter. The oak dresser, for example, will add warmth even in the most minimal living spaces. Do you want to invite a sense of calm into your living space, but are you unsure where to start? We’d love you to invite you to our showroom for interior advice. You can make an appointment here.*

*If you book an interior advice in January, you will receive our beautiful HENK-bag for free.