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Brightening up autumn with the Nod Collection

Though we’re embracing the change of seasons, the darker days always take some getting used to. To bring more light into your living space this autumn, we’re launching a collection of lighting.

The Nod Collection is our first collection of lighting, designed to complement our furniture. The collection is centred around the combination of different shapes – a square tube and a round disc. The two form a beautiful contrast that gives the lighting character.

As form follows function the round disc isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it influences the direction of the light. The pendant lamps, for example, are perfect for above the dining table. The round disc ensures the light is directed onto the tabletop, creating an intimate atmosphere – perfect for autumn dinners. The designs are subtle, which makes it easy to place them in different settings. From homes to cafés, restaurants and office spaces, the lamps will ensure an inviting atmosphere.