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The Oblique Family - a cohesive collection of designs

What do a lounge chair, cabinet and dining chair all have in common? At a glance this selection of designs may feel somewhat different. However, if you take a closer look you can admire the subtle recurring details found in each of these pieces that tie this family of designs together.


These recurring characteristics are the key element that ensure these pieces fit together perfectly in any interior. The Oblique Family is characterised by the same design language; soft shapes, smooth edges and subtle personality. Oblique shapes appear in design elements such as the rounded edges of backrests, steel frames and seat cushions. Allow us to introduce this family to you… 



Oblique Lounge Chair: 


The Oblique Lounge Chair was designed from the perspective of deconstructing a lounge chair. We asked the question ‘What elements are really necessary?’ The answer - a good seating position, stability and a backrest for comfort. Combining these key elements resulted in the sleek and sophisticated design of this piece. It is pure in its form without any distractions: a chair for the true minimalist. 


Oblique Cabinet: 


The Oblique Cabinet takes the Oblique design language to another level as it only uses one shape, the flat oval. This curved shape is present in every section of the piece including the shelves, the frame and even in the details of the connections between each of these elements. 


Oblique Dining chair:


The Oblique Dining Chair adapts seamlessly to any interior thanks to its multiple points of customisation. The oblique shaped backrest, which can be customised with wood or upholstery, has a slight curve that ensures you can spend many comfortable hours relaxing at your dining table. It is perfect for understated aesthetics or to combine with other feature furniture that share a similar design language.



These pieces each boast their own distinctive character, but can be easily styled together thanks to their soft design language and similar elements. Discover the collection online, in-store or through our retailers now and start creating effortless combinations with the Oblique Family.