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Easy tips to maintain your wooden furniture

As wood is a natural material, it needs a little bit of love and attention to withstand the test of time. With these tips you will be able to ensure the durability of your furniture.

Humidity in your home
Keep in mind that wood is a natural material. If your room is too dry, wood works like a sponge and will eventually tear. Therefore, assuring a constant, right level of humidity in the room will help ensure the durability of the wood.

Daily maintenance
The dining table is the perfect example of a product that needs daily care. After dinner with friends, you can easily clean the tabletop with water and non-aggressive cleaners. Regular soap water is just fine! You can clean others wooden products, like the dining bench, the coffee table, the cabinet, etc. with regular soap water too, but you probably won’t have to do it as often.

Weekly maintenance
In addition to daily maintenance, we recommend cleaning your wooden products weekly with the Osmo Spray Cleaner 8026. This is a cleaning product you can easily spray on the surface and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Osmo Spray Cleaner is a diluted Wisch-Fix Osmo, enabling you to use it more regularly.

Monthly or to remove stains
After a few months you can refresh your wooden furniture with Osmo Liquid Wax. This is a maintenance product that you can easily apply with a microfiber cloth.  It is often used to remove heavy or stubborn stains too. We recommend cleaning your wooden furniture with the Osmo Liquid Wax approximately every three months. Go to the FAQ for more information and a manual. 

Yearly or when less resistant to spots
When you notice that the wood is getting less resistant to spots in general or is becoming paler, you can treat it with a Osmo Maintenance Oil 3079. With the maintenance oil you can refreshen the wood, without having to sand the whole table first. Apply a thin layer of Osmo Maintenance Wax with an Osmo Roller and remove excess oil with a cotton cloth. We recommend using the maintenance oil once every year, maybe once every two years, depending on the use. For optimal results we recommend cleaning the surface beforehand with Osmo Intensive Cleaner. You can find more information here.

If your table needs refurbishing, you can apply new layers of Osmo hardwax oil to the table. Go to the FAQ for more information on how to do this. After refurbishing, the table will be well protected again. 

Lacquered wood
Lacquer is easy to clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The thin layer is sensitive to cracks and scratches, though. Therefore, we recommend treating the furniture with care. The cracks and scratches cannot be repaired. In case you want to refurbish your table, please go to the FAQ for more information and instructions.