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Introducing the Layer Sofa

The newest addition to Studio HENK’s sofa collection is this eye-catching lounge room centre piece - the Layer Sofa. As the name suggests, this design consists of comfort-packed layers that create recognisable shapes and are stacked at the perfect gradient for comfortable lounging.


The Layer Sofa is a 70’s inspired design with a contemporary twist. It makes a timeless statement by taking design elements from different era’s and incorporating them into this modern-day masterpiece.


Each element of this outspoken sofa is built from identical base pieces that can be assembled in a 360° modular layout. The best part about this modular design is that it invites you to think outside of the box. The sofa can be customised in various layouts depending on how you arrange the elements: the only limit is your imagination. 


The Layer Sofa is a social couch. Its dynamic design invites you to spread out and relax, with opportunities to make the sofa as spacious or as intimate as you like. You can also customise this piece with your favourite fabric so that it perfectly suits your interior. 


Studio HENK Product Designer, Simone Smelt, enthusiastically explained the idea she had when designing the sofa, “When I start designing, I always create products for my dream house, and the Layer Sofa is the perfect centre-piece for that. The details of the stacked layers make this piece beautiful from both the front and the back and it is such a playful design.”


You can discover this new sofa in-store at Studio HENK, online or through our retailers. We would also love to help you discover the possibilities of this piece in a free Interior Advice Session. Our expert stylists can help you imagine different customisations in your home and show you samples of the variety of fabrics to choose from to create your dream statement sofa.