Introducing the Forma Collection: perfectly imperfect

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Introducing the Forma Collection: perfectly imperfect

Our very first accessories line: the Forma Collection, is inspired by the organic forms found in nature, and characterised by the beauty of imperfection. Each limited edition vase is designed by Studio HENK and brought to life by Studio Nienke Helder.


We joined Nienke and her assistant Jolie in their Eindhoven based ceramics studio so they could show us the slow and beautiful process involved in making these vases.


The process


There are three types of vases in this collection, the Bubble, Belly and Blob. “These designs are very unique, and I love the way the design team at Studio HENK created this matching family of three.” says Nienke.

“Each vase takes us around two days to make, and we can only cast one vase of each shape per day.” says Nienke, as she shows us the large moulds drying by the heaters in preparation to cast their next vase. 


Because of this time-consuming production process, there will only be 13 vases of each shape created in the Forma Collection. “The vases are made with white stoneware, which has a warm colour. We have made a special transparent glaze for Studio HENK that will showcase the natural warmth of the stoneware material underneath.” Nienke tells. 


The unique shapes of the vases stem from their technical design. Nienke explains, “The closer you look at the shapes, the more interesting they become because you realise that none of them are symmetrical. Ceramics made on pottery wheels are always symmetrical because they have to be a rotation of a shape. However, we use slip casting, which is where you use a mould to create your shape, and this gives us the opportunity to make something asymmetrical.” she explains. 


Made with love


The asymmetrical forms in this collection match when combined as a trio, whilst also possessing their own unique traits. “I really like it when an object immediately feels like it has a personality. All of the designs (in the Forma Collection) have their own special character.” says Nienke. 


She goes on to say, “You can clearly see when a ceramic item is made with love and when it isn’t. If we don’t concentrate all day on these products, you can definitely see that.”


Not only does each vase in the Forma Collection boast a unique design, but they are made with care and high-quality materials that will ensure they last for generations to come. “If you make a good quality product from stoneware, you can use it for the rest of your life. These vases could easily be used for 200 years; nothing is going to happen to them so long as they are handled with care.” says Nienke. 




As Nienke and Jolie have become so familiar with the collection, we asked them how they would style the vases in their own homes. “I would fill mine with flowers as they would really stand out against the warm and neutral colours of the vase. Then I would place it on my dining table to be on full display.” said Jolie. 


Nienke then replied, “I would go for a different approach. My room is all white, with only very neutral colours. I would put the vase on my windowsill with some neutral-coloured dried greenery. This would create small and subtle colour variations that I can imagine would be beautiful in the early morning as the sun shines in.”


The vases present many beautiful styling opportunities. Choose to add fresh flowers, dried greenery, or simply stand them on their own as a unique sculpture. 


These limited edition handmade ceramic vases will be available to pre-order in-store for €250 per piece. Share how you styled your Forma vase on Instagram with #HENKathome and by tagging @studiohenk.