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Interior Advice - The science of scents

As well as decorating with designs, textures and colours that make us feel at home; it is important to keep in mind another sense that can influence the feeling of our interiors - smell. 

The power of smell is more complex than many of us may realise, which is why we connected with Merle Bergers to tell us more. Merle founded the science-based perfume brand Lingua Planta in February 2019; a brand that creates artisanal scents inspired by plant intelligence. 

She tells us, "Smell is one of the most underestimated senses that we have, and it actually has a big influence on the way we feel.”

Merle, who has always had a deep appreciation for plants, started Lingua Planta after some surprising scientific findings. “I worked together with scientists to research plant intelligence, and we made some fascinating discoveries. We learnt about the way plants communicate through emitting olfactory molecules, showing that scent is actually plants sending messages to other plants and animals around them.”

She goes on to explain; “Studying these molecular messages, I discovered that plants are really intelligent and communicate with a specific purpose. This knowledge helped me feel a connection and increased appreciation for them.”

So how can we use scent to enhance our interiors? 

Merle suggests, “You can use scent in your home to alter your state of being and mark different mindsets. A lot of people working at home use scents to mark different moments; like reminding themselves it is time to relax or time to focus.”

“Choosing earthy scents such as patchouli and pine can help you feel really grounded and relaxed, whereas citrus based scents give you a more uplifted and refreshed feeling.” says Merle. 

Floral aromas are another fantastic genre of scents you can use in your home. “The floral scents at Lingua Planta are actually based on the way that flowers use certain molecules to attract bees and butterflies. As well as the heart opening smell of, for example, a rose; using a floral scent is like buying yourself a bouquet of flowers.” says Merle. 

With this knowledge and advice in mind we hope you feel inspired to invite beautiful aromas into your home and enhance your interior by activating this powerful sense. Looking for more interior advice? Our advisors are here to help you with a free Interior Advice session in Amsterdam or Antwerp.