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Inspiration from Dutch Design Week

We recently had the opportunity to explore the biggest design event in Northern Europe: Dutch Design Week. After wandering through numerous exhibitions, our perspectives were challenged with creative concepts such as the innovation of sustainable materials and unconventional commentary on social issues. Our team came away from the experience energised with new ideas and the exciting possibilities that these concepts pose for our daily lives and the future of design.  

You can still catch the exhibition in Eindhoven until October 24. Whether you’re looking for tips to plan your own visit or to get inspired because you couldn’t make it yourself - here were our highlights… 


“From eggshell tableware to corn husk walls; I was astounded by all of the creative ways people are innovating with renewable materials.”  - Naomi, HENK Sustainability Manager.


“We visited The Exploded View Beyond Building which showed us how it’s possible to build entirely from renewable materials. I witnessed groups of project developers visiting the location too which was very inspiring to see as it means this technology will hopefully translate into other buildings and future interior applications.” 


“The prominent use of 3D printers stood out to me in this year’s exhibition.” – Sarah, HENK Marketing Intern.


“I was impressed with the extensive use of 3D printers in this year’s event. This was not something I had noticed in previous years so it’s exciting to see how the use of this tool has developed as there are so many possibilities for it.”


“I saw a lot of applications for the use of a new material made from fungi.” Simone, HENK Product Designer.


“Fungi was a very interesting new sustainable material that caught my eye as it has some fascinating qualities. It can be used to break down toxic materials as well as to create products such as insulation and wall panels. Hopefully after some further research and development we can start to use it in within the furniture industry too.”


“It was fantastic to see the emerging talent at the graduation show.” Sarah, HENK Copywriter. 


“The Class of 2021 exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven is certainly something that cannot be missed if you’re visiting Dutch Design Week. Participating schools were asked ‘What does the greater number mean to you?’ and the answers to this question materialised in a plethora of diverse projects.” 



Want to plan your own visit to Dutch Design Week? Discover over 350 exhibitions and plan your route here. We hope you come away from it feeling as inspired and motivated for a sustainable future as we did!