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A sustainable transition to fully FSC/PEFC certified wood

We are proud to announce that from December 2020 onwards, 100% of our wood products will be made with FSC or PEFC certified wood. Corine De Bruijne, our Brand Director at Studio HENK, shares the importance of sustainability for the company and what this change will mean. 

“As a company selling products, we are having an impact on the planet simply by producing; which is why it was important for us to minimise our environmental footprint and make the transition into only using FSC and PEFC certified wood.” says Corine. 

FSC and PEFC certifications mean that the wood is coming from a certified forestry that is managed sustainably. Corine explains, “There are strict rules in place to ensure the wellbeing of the ecosystem, the workers and local residents in the area.” 

In these forests; with every tree that is removed, a new one is planted. The trees are also cut down in a way that stimulates the natural growth of the forest and helps to keep it healthy for future prosperity. 

Our vision at Studio HENK is to have a positive impact on the planet and its people by creating pieces made of sustainable and durable materials. “We have always created timeless designs that are made to last for generations. We don’t follow trends, which means that we never produce something that we don’t plan on selling the next year or the years after that.” explains Corine. 

Corine describes how she personally relates to this vision both as a mother and as someone who is grateful for nature’s beauty. She explains, “I have three lovely children who I want to have a good life and a bright future ahead. I want to teach them that the world is a great and beautiful place, but most importantly that we need to take care of it too.”

“Our goal is to create durable designs that are admired by today’s generation. We envisage that children can grow up loving their family sofa or table, and that they can eventually inherit and use it for future generations.” Corine says. 

This goal goes hand in hand with sustainability by minimising consumerism and maximising quality and sustainability to ensure that the beauty of the earth will last for future generations too.

In line with this vision, we are always looking for more ways that we can incorporate sustainability across different areas of the company. “We are currently looking into different materials that we can use for our furniture, like with the Amoeba collection where we used Living Board. Sustainable choices are made everywhere we can, such as choosing eco-friendly delivery trucks, and our plan to install a solar system on the roof of our new office to supply our own electricity.” says Corine. 

The transition into using only FSC or PEFC wood products is a great step towards sustainability, and certainly not our last. Corine explains, “As a company you have the chance to change your environmental footprint, but you also have a platform. I hope to not only do everything we can to minimise our footprint on earth, but to also use our platform to inspire other people and companies to do the same. It is only when everybody takes responsibility together that we will make the biggest changes.”