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Add a touch of colour to your interior with these 2021 colour trends

Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately captivated by the atmosphere and aesthetic of the interior? The key to creating this is colour. 


Choosing the right colour palette is a vital step to creating a space where you can relax, recharge and feel inspired. The colour trends of 2021 are helping us channel bright and uplifting moods for the year ahead.


What colours are trending right now? 

In 2021 our interiors are craving a change from the extended time we have been spending at home. To style a balanced interior we suggest using a palette of neutral tones and then selecting one or two feature colours. These can be added with a poof, a lounge chair or a beautiful vase, depending on the look you are after. 


Soft pastels: 

Choose a colour palette of soft pastels for a calming and uplifting interior. Our favourite right now is a dreamy light blue that reminds us of ocean vistas. Pastel yellow is also a popular choice this year as it epitomises a cheery smile – something we could all do with. These pastels match well with a base of beige. Try mixing a Luna Lounge with blue Tonus 4 508 upholstery against a beige wall or sofa for an interior that will have you feeling like you’re permanently on holidays. 


Earthy tones: 

Earthy tones make a space feel inviting and homely. A mix of browns and a hint of warm red or burnt orange is the perfect combination to connect your interior back to nature. These colours pair well with wooden furniture, as seen in the Base Collection. Try mixing your wooden dining chairs with a light brown seat cushion or choose an earthy red cushion to create more of an eye-catching setting.



You may have already seen this trend in fashion, but lilac is making its mark on the interior world too. This expressive tone is perfect for bringing a bright colour pop to your space. Add lilac cushions to a white or grey Cosy Sofa, or make a statement by customising the sofa with one of our lilac coloured fabrics. 


How to style colour in your interior

Once you’ve chosen your palette, it’s time to incorporate these pops of colour into your space. For subtle accents, add a coloured pouf, cushions or throw. To really make a statement, choose a coloured lounge chair or sofa.


Another fun way to add vibrancy to your space is to use matching colours and play with textures. We recently styled two blue poufs with different fabrics to create an interior with contrast and depth. Try using Mosaic 2 722, a three layered fabric with detailed seams and Tonus 4 508, a beautiful wool fabric, to create this look. 


The upholstery of all Studio HENK pieces can be customised, with over 400 different colours and fabrics. If you’re looking for more inspiration and guidance, book a free session to speak with one of our Interior Advisors in either Amsterdam or Antwerp.