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Production & delivery

European craftsmanship

Our furniture ismanufactured close to home, in the Netherlands and partially in Europe. All furniture pieces are made with love, passion and craftsmanship by the finest craftsmen. They combine traditional craftsmanship with new technologies to make contemporary furniture. By continually questioning the materials and technologies we use, we hope to ensure that are furniture remains relevant throughout the years.


Thanks to our ‘made-to-order’ concept we prevent unnecessary manufacturing. ‘Made-to-order’ means we don’t start manufacturing until an order is placed. We work with ordering in batches, so for efficiency purposes furniture of the same sizes and finishes can be produced at the same time as much as possible. We do have a few pieces in stock, but only our bestsellers.

Packaging & reuse

Zero plastic

We highly value the quality of our furniture and care that our furniture is delivered to your home in perfect condition. Therefore, our furniture is packaged carefully. Unfortunately, plastic is still one of the most used materials in the packaging industry. We aim to change this and are currently looking for alternatives. We also use cardboard boxes, which are made of FSC-certified cardboard. 


Furniture that is sent back to us, for example due to damages, always gets a second chance with us. If we can, we fix it up and sell it during a sample sale. If the damage is irreparable, we send the furniture back to the factory, where the materials can be used to make beautiful new pieces. Either way, our furniture never goes to waste.